For those who are planning a short trip to the sights of Minsk, we can safely recommend the place pralniki. In the village there is an extremely unusual and atypical building - the former tomb, today Church of St. Nicholas. Getting here will not be a big problem, and along the way you can look into Padnevichi и Rakov.

The temple is located in an old cemetery, where Catholic and Orthodox burials coexist.

The tomb is shaped like a round tower, made in the style classicism. There are several versions about the date of construction: 1805 and 1850. The Poles erected it - Ratynskylike your family chapel.

Most likely, after the revolution of 1863, the land was confiscated, and the chapel was converted into an Orthodox church. According to some reports, the temple remained Orthodox from 1866 to 1920.

Tomb of the Ratynskys in Pralniki

After - a Catholic church, but at the end of the 20th century it was again returned to Orthodoxy. On many sites, the full name sounds like Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Pralniki.

The former tomb of the Ratynskys stands out with a four-column arcade with a triangular pediment. Traces of partial reconstruction are visible, scaffolding stands on all sides. It is difficult to say whether the temple is being occupied now or not, but there is a small rendering photo with a sketch on the door “what will the church look like”.

And this is what the church looks like now:

It is not difficult to find pralniki, the church is marked with a dot:

Volozhinsky district is rich in interesting objects. I advise you to go to the village of Rudnya, where you can see ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estateand abandoned sanatorium Lesnoye. Options to help excursions in Belarus и attractions map.


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