Prague is the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic, which you need at least a few days to thoroughly explore, so finding a good place to stay for the night is a matter of first necessity. I’ll tell you about a good and inexpensive option for a guesthouse near the historical center - Downtown Suites Kodanska. The hotel is located a little further from the historical center (15 minutes walk to Stare Mesto, or 7 minutes by tram, stop within walking distance). There are small chain stores, cafes and restaurants nearby, so the location can be safely rated 9 points.

Downtown Suites Kodanska
The hotel building in the center of the photo

Downtown Suites Kodanska in Prague is not quite a classic hotel, but rather an apartment with online reception. The format is this: you book a room (you can, for example, here), go through check in using the form, and receive a code with the number. There will be an intercom at the entrance to the building, you open it with the code you received, use it to open the box with the key, and now you are in your small Prague apartment.

Where to stay in Prague?

The room is a spacious room with a small kitchen, table and TV. By the way, the kitchen is equipped with everything necessary to be able to prepare food, I think it’s a great option for budget-conscious tourists.


Rent an apartment in Prague

The toilet with shower is also not satisfactory, everything is clean and tidy. For 3 nights in Prague, the trash was removed from our room and the towels were changed.

Rent an apartment in Prague

Someone may be intimidated by the online reception, but if you still need help, you can always contact the hotel owners by phone/messenger. Even if you don’t have the Internet (read about SIM card for travelers), the hotel has Wi-Fi.

Prague where to stay for the night?

Tram 22 runs from the hotel to the center of Prague - fast and convenient, see more about public transport in the city. Prices for an apartment will vary depending on the day of the week (weekends are always more expensive), as well as depending on the season (it’s clear here - summer and holidays are the tourism season). I visited Prague at the end of May 2024, for the weekend, a night in the Downtown Suites Kodanska was $68 with tax, you can check the current prices on the trip.

Below is a point with the location of the hotel on the map:

Interesting excursion options, as well as a list of the main attractions in Prague.


  1. Here is another short list of good hotels in Prague at an affordable price:
    Mosaic House Design Hotel, from 70 EUR per night. In the center of Prague, near the Vltava.
    Hotel Merkur, from 60 EUR per night. Near the Old Town, next to the Florenc bus station.
    Hotel Pod Veži, from 80 EUR per night. Near the Charles Bridge in Mala Strana.
    Ibis Praha Old Town, prices: from 55 EUR per night. In the city center, next to the Palladium shopping center.
    Hotel Clement, from 65 EUR per night, in a quiet area near the center.
    B&B Hotel Prague-City from 50 EUR per night, Karlin district.
    Hotel Zlata Vaha, from 45 EUR per night, next to the main train station.
    Hotel Orion from 55 EUR per night, Vinohrady district, close to the metro.
    Prices can be viewed at Trip, TripAdvisor


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