First mention fire brigade Grodno dates back to 1870. Even then, a wooden building was built in Grodno. fire tower or tower. This building did not appear by chance. The main problem of the city for many years remained fires. Just in the period of the late 19th century, one of the largest fires in the history of the city occurred, when more than 500 houses burned down. After clearing the rubble, it was decided to build a stone fire tower. In addition, a few years later, a depot was also built.

Fire tower, the Museum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an unusual bas-relief in Grodno

Safety symbol Grodno was built in the form of a six-story tower.

fire tower Grodno
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The architects planned to erect the tallest building in the city so that the fireman on duty could easily see any fire.

Fire tower in Grodno

The corners of the tower are cut off, which gives it an unusual appearance and Neo-Gothic features. Special attention should be paid to the facades of the tower. Each tier of the tower is different. All window openings have different sizes and curly masonry.

Technology does not stand still and the fire tower has lost its original purpose. Now in the tower building is located Museum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Entrance to the museum is free. After the restoration, another interesting detail appeared in it - mysterious bas-relief.

Bas-relief is a kind of fresco with people in the form of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It is noteworthy that the artist also depicted in bas-relief the legendary Mona Lisa. She is disguised as one of the employees. When you walk near this place, look at the faces of people.

fire tower Grodno bas-relief

Thanks to the opening of the museum, another interesting tradition has been preserved. Every day at exactly 12 noon, the sound of a trumpet is heard from the tower. It notifies residents and guests of Grodno that everything is calm in the city. Anyone can visit this observation deck, which is located on the upper tier of the fire tower in Grodno. To see the whole city and its sights, you will have to climb 120 steps of a spiral staircase made of wood.

Fire tower and tower in Grodno

The fire tower is located at Zamkova street, 19.

Grodno is one of the most beautiful cities Belarus. Be sure to arrange a tour of other historical places of the city: Old и new castle, Church of Francis Xavier.


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