Postavy is a city in the Vitebsk region, located 159 kilometers from capitals of Belarus. The city has been known since the beginning of the 15th century, and the first settlements date back even earlier. From that it is not surprising that in Postavy there are what to see in terms of historical sites. And it is best to go straight to the old part of the city, where the main attractions are concentrated on the Myadelka River.

What to see in Postavy

Next to the platinum stands a restored building of a water mill, which was built in the second half of the 19th century.

Postavy city review

On the opposite bank, along a small embankment, you can see the dominant of the city - Neo-Gothic Church of St. Anthony of Padua.

Postavy city what to see

Church in Postavy

Moving along Krasnoarmeyskaya street we get to Lenin Square. Here stands the “main monument”, of all cities and towns, overlooking Church of St. Nicholas 1894.

Monument to Lenin in Postavy

Market square in Postavy
Old market, photo 1920

Do not forget to take a closer look at the unusual houses along the perimeter of the central square. These buildings are 18th century craftsmen's houses, made in similar projects of baroque architecture.

Interesting sights in Postavy

Their peculiarity is that during the construction of bricks, only the wall of the main facade was erected, which looked at the square itself. The other walls of these houses remained wooden, the so-called chopped construction.

Terraced buildings Postavy

Postavy old pictures of the city
photo of the 30s, last century

Of course, during the restoration, a lot has changed, some of the houses were rebuilt. For example, the photo below shows 2 connected houses, which formed a unique project.

Sights of the city of Postvy

What Postavy looked like in the first half of the 20th century
photo 1936

In the center of the square there is a small park where such a bear was seen. Judging by the path trodden to him, the bear is in demand for joint photographs.

Figure of a bear in Postavy

Postavy, old photo from 1930s
photo before 1930, source: Muzeum Historii Fotografii

The local history museum in Postavy is located in an old building of a visiting house (in other words, a hotel).

Museum in Postavy

There are also later buildings made of red brick.

Old houses in Postavy

All houses of artisans originally had a different layout. They had 2 parts - living and working area. Today, most of these buildings are used for various businesses, but one of the houses remains fully residential.

Lenin Square in Postavy

Having passed along Gagarin Street, in the direction of another significant attraction, such a house was discovered (it somehow reminded House of the merchant Katsnelson in Bobruisk).

Unusual house in Postavy

Lastly remains Tyzengauz Palace, where Postavy Hospital is now based. Read more about this place at the link in the text.

Tyzengauz Palace in Postavy

Old photos of Postavy
1929 photo by Jan Bułhak

Postavy is a pleasant small town, with its pros and cons, which has something to see, several cafes and a place where you can spend the night.

If you plan to go here, then you should include a few more attractions in your itinerary. For example defensive temple in Kamai и church in the village of Luchay.

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