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On the coast Costa Dorada come not only for the beach holiday. Is near the Spanish Salou one place that welcomes children from 11 and adults up to 59 years old. It is at this age that you can visit the famous European amusement park Port Aventura (Portaventura). Content:

Port aventura how to get to the park

Park tickets

Tips port aventura – food, opening hours, hotels

What attractions await you in port aventura, a detailed overview

How to get to Port Aventura from Barcelona:

The cheapest way to get to the amusement park is by train or bus.

A train (the most profitable option) leaves about once an hour from Estacio de França or Passeig de Gràcia, Estació de Sants. (The schedule is inside the station, tickets can be bought through the machine)

In addition, by buying a combined ticket (a seat on the train + Port Aventura), you can get there, consider it for free - for 49 euros per person. A separate train ticket from Barcelona to Port Aventura will cost about 9 euros.

Bus transfer with an included park ticket also has bonuses. For everything you will pay about 65 euros.

Port Aventura Tickets

Ticket prices start from 40 euros per person. Of course, there are discounts for visiting 2 parks and 3 parks, and there will also be a better price if you go for several days. Online ticket options here.

Buy tickets to port aventura also available online. Below are all available options:

Tickets with transfer from Barcelona, ​​Port Aventura only, (another variant here).

Tickets with transfer from Costa Brava

Only entrance ticket to the park

Port Aventura tips, history and personal experiences

Port Aventura Park was opened in 1995 by the British companies Tussauds Group and Anheuser-Busch. The American film studio Universal Studio took part in the construction, as evidenced by the new name of the park "Universal's PortAventura". In 2005, the financial company La Caixa bought the park and returned the former name, which we still know.

Where to eat?

In the park there is a place where you can eat. Each themed area has a restaurant or cafe. In total, there are 21 restaurants in Port Aventura, which offer a choice of Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Spanish and other cuisines from the menu. There is a menu for allergy sufferers and people with special diets. And fast food lovers can order pizza and soda at one of 24 establishments such as bars, cafes (Club Maya, Dagana, La Cabana) or food outlets such as Chickens' Stampida.

Where to stay?

Gold River hotel – from 73 euros
Hotel Mansion de Lucy - from 125 euros
PortAventura hotel – from 76 euros
Caribe - from 69 euros
Hotel El Paso – from 99 euros
Parking Caravaning – from 35 euros

The price is per person per night. For those staying in theme hotels within the park, Free entry to Ferrari Land for one day and water park ticket discount. All hotel options with current prices Here.

Opening hours and address:

The park is located on Address: Avinguda del Batlle Pere Molas, km 2, 43840 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain.

Openning time: Mon-Thu, Sun, 10:00–19:00; Fri, 10:00–23:00; Sat, 10:00–0:00

PortAventura World includes:

Port Aventura Theme Park

Caribe Aquatic Park

Ferrari Land Theme Park

Port Aventura attractions

The PortAventura theme park is divided into six zones, each depicting a specific historical civilization and transporting you to a "different world". Cultural features and features of the thematic zone can be traced in the rides and landscapes. There are many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops in the zones.

Mediterranean (Mediterrania)

The main entrance of Port Aventura leads to the Mediterranean themed area.

The most extreme attraction here - Furius Bacchusopened in 2007. Its speed reaches 135 km/h! Furius Baco sweeps high above the ground, through tunnels and touches the lake.

The ship departs from this zone Port de la Drassana, on board which you will conquer the waters of the Mediterranean and get to the paradise beaches of Polynesia.

By train Estacio del Nord you can get to the Wild West themed area or get off a stop earlier at Sesamo Aventura.

Wild West

A world filled with cowboy spirit. The American Wild West here is exactly the way it can be seen in the movies.

Unique attraction Stampida - a train that will take guests of the park along a wooden railway with sharp descents and ascents. Tomahawk in many ways similar to the previous attraction, but less extreme and more suitable for children.

For those who wanted to swim on a log raft, it is worth visiting the attraction Silver River Flume. Of course, this is not a real raft, but a water transport stylized as one. But there will be no less impressions from rafting on the Silver River.

Grand Canyon Rapids is another rafting on the mountain river Colorado. A fast water ride will take you to the Grand Canyon.

There are also carousels in this zone - a classic Carousel and original VolPayute. You can ride in a barrel at breakneck speed on the Crazy Barrels attraction. And for real cowboys, the park has prepared an attraction with bumper cars Buffalo Rodeowhich can be visited by children and adults.

Laberinto BlackSmith - the old ruined house of a famous thief has become a place where you can come and try to unravel the mysteries and go through the corridors of the labyrinth house.

From the Wild West, you can get to the Mediterranean by train, which departs from the station of Remorse (Penitence Station).


The Polynesian islands are not as calm as they might seem. For those who do not believe, there are Polynesia theme park rides.

Tutuki Splash help you escape from an erupting Polynesian volcano by navigating the local waters in a boat. A truly breathtaking route!

park port aventura spain

Traveling along the rivers and lakes of Polynesia by canoe, among palm trees and tropical plants will appeal to every child.

Only on a catamaran Kontiki you can resist the destructive force of nature in the fight against a hurricane that will try to scare you. Tip: hold on tight.


You can climb to the very peak of Port Aventura Park on the attraction train shambhala, whose slides reach a height of 76 meters. Sharp ups and downs on Shambhala are guaranteed.

One of the symbols and most extreme attractions of the Spanish amusement park - Dragon Khan. In just 70 seconds, you will experience genuine emotions from a sharp descent and sweep through steep loops at a speed of 110 km/h.

The most fun and family attraction of the park - of Angkor. You have to defend your ship, armed with a water gun and safely go ashore.

Children attractions Cobra Imperial и Tea Cups will amuse even the smallest guests of the park. And in the zone Area Infantil there are slides, swings, climbing nets and other attractions that children love.

Amazing ship Waitan Port, decorated in oriental style, runs to the Mediterranean or the Wild West.


Mayan pyramids and ancient ruins, cacti and desert settlements, combined with musical motives, performances and fun attractions - all this is Mexico in PortAventura.

You can check the vestibular apparatus on Yucatan - carousels with a dragon's head. For children in Mexico, there are armadillo carousels called armadillos.

The most fearless and self-confident can take risks and get adrenaline while falling from a height of 100 meters on an attraction Hurakan Condor.

Feathered Serpent suitable for merry fellows who do not care about high-speed rotations at a height.

Invites you to ride horses Los Potrillos. Journey through an ancient and abandoned mine El Diablo – Tren de la Mina will pass through the very depths of the park and reveal many secrets of Mexico.

Visit fire temple the ancient Mayan civilization and look on the other side, passing all the labyrinths and obstacles.

Sesame (Sesame Aventura)

A fairy tale for children, descended from television screens. Characters from the educational program "Sesame Street" walk around the park and suggest what to do in a magical land.

There are magic fish here Magic fish, funny plane Coco Piloto and the only roller coaster for kids Tami Tami. Fly on magic chairs Waikiki or dragons. El Salto de Blas - a copy of the Hurakan Condor for children.

Caribe Aquatic Park

The water element will take you on a whirlpool of fun and enjoyment at Caribe Aquatic Park. El Triangulo de las Bermudas, an unruly wave pool and El Río Loco, an obstacle pool.

Steep slides Ciclon Tropical, Mambo Limbo, Rapid Race and King Khajuna. Sun beds on the stylized Caribbean beach Bahama Beach and children's water attractions La Laguna de Woody, Junior Body Slides, El Galeón Pirata. On the territory of the water park there are 17 attractions for all family members.

But this year the park is closed. Will only open in 2019.

Ferrari Land Park

In 2017, a new theme park was opened in PortAventura - Ferrari Land. It has become an analogue of the amusement park of the same name in Dubai. The area of ​​the Ferrari park in Spain occupies more than 70 thousand square meters. There are attractions, shops and a kind of gallery that tells the story of the famous Italian brand.

Attractions Ferrari Country:

red force
Thrill Towers
Thrill Towers
Maranello Grand Race
Racing legends

Flying Dreams
Junior Championship
Kids' Podium
Pole Position Challenge
Pit Stop Record



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