Bobruisk - a unique city in the Mogilev region. There are enough various attractions for every taste (more details in the big article about Bobruisk). In addition to traditional churches and churches, there are absolutely unique buildings and interesting places. For instance House of Merchant Katsnelson и house "Port Arthur" in the old part of Bobruisk.

interesting house in bobruisk
You need to turn into this inconspicuous archway to get to the house.

interesting yard in bobruisk

Such unusual houses as Port Arthur, which survived after the Second World War, are a unique part of the old buildings of the city. Beautiful architecture (although the buildings are sometimes in poor condition) - all this attracts tourists and travelers to the city.

port arthur bobruisk

Why do the locals call this place “Port Arthur”?

unusual yard in bobruisk

There are two explanations for this nickname. The first is connected with the time of construction - then there was a Russian-Japanese war with a sensational defense city ​​of Port Arthur. The house was built in the form of a rectangle, in the center of which there is a courtyard with two exits, and if they are closed, then the interior space will become simply impregnable.

port arthur photo

By the way, the building was built of red Rosenberg bricks, which is still famous for its incredible strength and branded monograms.


The second version is connected with rumors that before the revolution there was an inn with a brothel, owned by someone Arthur.

Interesting places in Bobruisk

The Port Arthur house and the courtyard inside it have long been a favorite place for photographers to take photo shoots. Located on the street Dzerzhinsky 23.

Pay attention to other sights in Bobruisk: Fortress и Church of the Virgin Mary.



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