One of the most common birds in Belarus, especially in deciduous parks, is common nuthatch (Sitta europaea, bel - Unusual popuzen). In addition, this nimble bird is easy to see in coniferous forests and even city gardens.

What does a common nuthatch look like?

This bird is small in size, about 13-15 centimeters, from the order of passeriformes. Outwardly, it is easily recognizable and has an interesting color. The upper part of the body is usually gray-blue with various shades and tints. The belly is light, but from place to place it can be saturated red. The beak is oblong, visually increases due to the black stripe passing through the eyes of the nuthatch.

Nuthatch bird

Distinguishing a male and a female nuthatch is a difficult task, they are very similar in appearance, and the main difference is the size (the male is larger).

Weird birdie

In the diet of the nuthatch, both plant foods and various insects.

This fast bird is most easily spotted when it is stocking up on supplies and hiding seeds in tree bark.

Birds of Belarus popauzen

Nutcrackers are noisy and vociferous, and the spectrum of their “singing” is quite wide. In addition, the bird is a kind of “gymnast” - it can hang upside down and quickly move through the trees (this is a bit like pika). It prefers hollows for habitation, but does not make its own, uses Dyatlov's or various holes in trees.

Birds of Belarus - An extraordinary popuzen

В Belarus the nuthatch stays for the winter and does not fly away, so you can see it all year round.


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