One of the attractions of the city of Vitebsk is the monument to the writer Vladimir Semenovich Korotkevich (Uladzimir Karatkevich). This memorial sign was installed back in 1994 at the intersection of Chekhov and Suvorov streets.

What to see in Vitebsk - monument to Karatkevich

According to the architect Rybakov’s idea, the aged Korotkevich should be depicted in his signature headdress, looking thoughtfully to the side. The sculptor Ivan Kazak completed the task and as a result, a bust of the author of the story “Dzikae palyavanne Karal Stakh” appeared in Vitebsk.

Where is the monument to Karatkevich in Vitebsk?

On the monument there are also the words of Korotkevich, known to many: “Byў. Yes. I will” (collection of poems of the same name, 1986).

Pomnik Karatkevich

The hometown of Vladimir Semenovich is Orsha, there is also a monument to the writer and also a museum.

Pomnik Karatkevich in Vitsebsk

You can find the monument to Korotkevich in Vitebsk not far from Lenin Square, below is the point with a mark on the map:

What else to see in the northern capital of Belarus? I recommend taking a look at the town hall, take a walk to Assumption Cathedral and explore the old buildings of the city.

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