Grodno confidently takes a leading position in the number of attractions among all cities Belarus. In addition to churches, castles, palaces and ancient buildings, there are plenty of monuments to prominent figures and significant persons. And this list is periodically replenished, so in 2018 they solemnly opened in Grodno monument to David Gorodensky (white – Davyd Garadzenski).

David Gorodensky monument in Grodno

The sculpture of the horseman was made by a master from Lida - Sergey Organov. The height of the monument together with the pedestal is about 3,7 meters, made of light granite. The pedestal has an inscription on the front side:

Davyd Garadzenski (kala 1283-1326)

Issued dzeyach Vyalikaga of the Principality of Lithuania starasta Garadzenskiy talenavity palkavodzec neperamozhny vayar i abarontsa zemli Belaruska.

And also an inscription on the side with the image of the coat of arms of Grodno:

Today and ours, the roasters of Belarus, bravely and proudly look at the sunset and the departure, at the end of the day and at the beginning, remember the encouragement of our sales and do not shy away from anyone before your head! Shanuytse and our dear Radzima!

Memorial to Davyd Garadzensky in Garodnya

The monument is located at the intersection of Zamkova and David Gorodensky streets, below is the location on the map:

You can see nearby Old и new castleand Kolozha ChurchAccording to legend, David Gorodensky was buried near the walls of the temple.

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