Among the many sightseeing Grodno, sometimes lost Holy Intercession Cathedrallocated on Eliza Ozheshko street. The construction of the temple was carried out in the first half of the 20th century and completed in 1905 in memory of the soldiers who died during the Russo-Japanese War.

Intercession Cathedral in Grodno

Mikhail Prozorov was chosen as the architect of the Intercession Cathedral, and the military engineer Savelyev supervised the construction work, thanks to which the temple acquired rather curious features.

Intercession Cathedral in the city of Grodno

The basis for the construction of the temple was the appearance of the church of the Caspian Infantry Regiment in St. Petersburg.

Beautiful churches of Belarus Grodno

Grodno church It was erected in a retrospective-Russian style of brick, using polychromy (multi-color coloring). The temple has three naves, with an octagonal bell tower, more than 10 meters high. Against the background of red brick, white decoration and a green roof stand out.

Holy Intercession Cathedral in the city of Grodno

Initially, the garrison church became a cathedral church in connection with the closure of St. Sophia Cathedral (Fara Vitovta) in 1921.

Cathedral in Grodno

It is curious that even during the war years services were periodically held in the temple. The Intercession Cathedral in Grodno was not closed even during the coming of Soviet power - they were only able to reduce the number of services. From 1944 to 1992 part relics of St. Gabriel of Bialystok was kept in the basement of the Holy Intercession Cathedral.

Grodno Cathedral

The icon stands out in the interior of the temple "Kazan Mother of God" и copy of the cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk with particles of the relics of Belarusian saints. On the wall inside the church there is a memorial plaque in memory of the labors Saveliev.

Intercession Cathedral in Grodno

In 1993, a memorial plaque was placed in the cathedral in memory of the soldiers who died in Afghanistan, and in 2010, a memorial plaque was installed next to the temple. sculpture of the Mother of God.

Across the road from the cathedral is the only functioning Lutheran church in Belarus. If you are in Grodno, be sure to take a walk along the embankment and look at the restored old lock.

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
2 years ago

Churches usually leave few positive emotions, but the architecture here is really interesting, besides, there are many other sights of Grodno nearby.