In the Grodno region, between Novogrudok и The world, on the P11 highway there is a small village - Turkish. At the end of the 19th century, it was built Church of the Intercession is the main attraction of this village. The temple is located in the very center, on a hill, which is why it is perfectly visible from afar.


Initially, in these places there was a wooden church of the 18th century, which was planned to be modernized and partially rebuilt. However, despite attempts to preserve the wooden walls, they were unsuccessful. So after a century and a half, in 1886, the wooden church was dismantled in order to build a stone church in its place.

The church in the village of Turets belongs to the retrospective Russian style. 5 domes rise above the temple. The two-tiered bell tower is decorated with an onion. At the end of the 19th century, the church also had a parochial school.

Church in Turets village

Interesting fact: in this church, Janka the Maurus, a famous Belarusian writer.

Church in Turets village, Grodno region

In the Soviet years, the Church of the Intercession was not closed. That is why on the territory of the temple today you can find icons of the 18th-19th centuries. In front of the church you can see a gate with numbers 1888 - the year of the consecration of the temple.

Turkish Brama

The church is active and open to parishioners.

Moving along the highway for a few more kilometers, you can see interesting ruins. Trinity Church in the village of Berezovets. More sights of Belarus on the map.

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