In the northern part Dumpling, in the old cemetery, is located Holy Intercession Church. The first information about the temple at this place is mentioned in the Kletsk inventory, but under a different name. In 1626 on the hill Horyn (Aryn), which went beyond the features of the old Kletsk, there was a small Uniate Church of the Ascension. People called her Aryn.

Church of the Intercession in Kletsk

Joseph Radziwill in 1774, at his own expense, he rebuilt a five-domed church 22 meters high in the shape of a regular cross. The church could accommodate about 1,5 thousand parishioners within its walls. By this time, the church began to be called Intercession and Cemetery. A miraculous woman was brought here from the church in Nesvizh Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria"which attracted a large number of parishioners. The icon of the Mother of God is kept in the church to this day.

Kletsk Church

After the liquidation of the Union of Brest in 1839, the church was abandoned and gradually dilapidated without proper care. The owner of Kletsk, Leon Radziwill, tried to restore the church. But within a couple of years the building fell into disrepair again. In this regard, it was decided to build a new church on this site.

Church of the Intercession in the city of Kletsk

In 1876 a new church was built in the retrospective Russian style of architecture. From that time until today, it has been called Holy Intercession Church. The temple is active.

Church of the Intercession in Kletsk

On one of the walls hangs a plaque commemorating merit George Khiltov. He was rector of the Church of the Intercession in the early 20th century. Together with his family during the German occupation, George helped the partisans and saved the lives of local residents. In this regard, he was arrested and ended his life in a concentration camp.

In the early 2000s, the church in Kletsk was renovated, and in 2015 repairs were made inside the church. Near the building of the temple there is a grave of a Red Army soldier, marked as a historical and cultural value. Belarus.

Grave of a Red Army soldier in Kletsk

Location on the map:

Not far from the temple are 20th century barracks. Look in the historical center yeshiva building и Holy Resurrection Church in Kletsk.


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