Underwater City Shichen

City in a Chinese province Zhejiang went under the water and seemed to have disappeared forever. But half a century later, they remembered him and found him at a depth of 28 meters. Underwater city Shichen was flooded during the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. The valley in which the ancient city was located was turned into an artificial lake.

Shichen city (ShiCheng) was founded in 670 and was called "Lion City". Evidence of this is stored under the water of the lake in the form of many architectural objects containing images of a lion. The gates of the city with towers have survived, even wooden beams and stairs have survived. Houses with bizarre carvings, hieroglyphs on the walls, unique masonry - all this can still be seen with your own eyes.

During the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, about 300 thousand people lived in the city. They had to be relocated to nearby towns and settlements.

artificial lake Qiandao, created with the help of a dam and swallowing up an entire city, is called the lake of a thousand islands.

It was the clean water in the reservoir that made it possible to discover the flooded city in 2001. Now the water level reaches 30 meters. For this reason, you can only see the preserved ruins of Chinese Atlantis with a flashlight.

In the early 2000s, this place became the center of attraction for divers and tourists who wanted to see the ancient underwater city. For tourists, a submarine was built, designed for 48 people. It was even planned to build a glass tunnel through which it was possible to dive to inspect the flooded buildings, but work never began. These actions could cause the rapid destruction of the city.

It is only surprising how easily they turned a blind eye to a valuable historical object 60 years ago and drowned the city, which is almost 1,5 thousand years old, with their own hands.

Photo Source: National Geographic


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