Traveling in Belarus, you can absolutely randomly find quite interesting places. One of these is the village. Pogrebenka in the Vitebsk region. You are unlikely to go here purposefully. But if you are planning to visit Vitebsk, then you can take the road R87 instead of the well-known E95. So you can see what it looks like abandoned post office in the town of Pogrebenka.

burial post station

The village of Pogrebenka was almost completely deserted, only a few residential buildings. But there is a new sign at the bus stop "A-PAGRABENKA", and right behind it, in a small grove, the building of the postal station hid.

At first glance, it becomes clear how atypical this building is for this place. Ancient stone, stucco, triangular windows, wrought-iron canopy and general neo-gothic style. We come closer and see the sign "Cultural heritage“. There were more than 40 such stations in Belarus, but only a few have survived.

post office ruins

Going inside, one feels how long the postal station has not been used for its intended purpose. The ceiling is about to collapse, and the recent fire has certainly accelerated the process.

Garbage and discarded clothes are everywhere, most likely this place has been a haven for the homeless for the past few years.

Pogrebenka - an abandoned post station in the Vitebsk region

Several other buildings have been preserved in the inner courtyard, all of them are later and abandoned quite recently. There is even a very suitable wooden frame, on which someone wrote “Buy” and his phone number, but the owner never showed up.

Pogrebenka - an abandoned post station in the Vitebsk region

In the very center there is a well, like all buildings overgrown with grass. Although it is felt that quite recently someone used it. Near the outbuilding there is a doghouse, a chain still weighs and there is a bowl, but there is no dog. Inside the house, devastation, mountains of empty containers, broken windows.

Pogrebenka - an abandoned post station in the Vitebsk region

Nearby is a garage that resembles a whole bunker, but, alas, there is nothing at all inside, only a lone spruce.

Of course, such a place can hardly be called a tourist route. Not everyone will be interested in it, but it is also part of our history, and if possible, it is worth visiting, at least for the sake of Postal station of the 19th century.

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