Many tourist routes in the capital of Belarus start from the central square of the city - Independence Square in Minsk. Building up the area began in 1930 according to the project Joseph Langbard.

old photos of minsk
photo-scan from the book “Minsk yesterday and today”

Initially, the square was designed as the main square for viewing parades and important events, and until 1991 it bore the name of Lenin.

independence square minsk

During WWII many buildings surrounding Independence Square were destroyed. Among the survivors stands out "Red" Church of Saints Simeon and Helena.

Plebaniya red church The square was rebuilt twice more: the first time after the war (traffic, parking lots and squares were organized on the square).

old photo of independence square
photo-scan from the book “Minsk yesterday and today”

Next time in 2002. Despite the development of different years, all buildings produce a wonderful sense of harmony and compositional integrity.

Under the glass domes of the fountains there is a three-story shopping underground city "Capital", as well as a four-level underground parking for 500 cars.

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Volodymyr Derevyanko
Volodymyr Derevyanko
9 years ago

We came to football in the autumn, in Minsk we spent almost the whole morning on the square, before the trip to Borisov. The area is really very large and beautiful, there are much fewer people than in Kiev, so walking around it was pleasant and interesting. They say in the evening it is even more beautiful, well, that's understandable. Evening next time we'll see how football in Minsk will be.

Tatyana Polishchuk
Tatyana Polishchuk
9 years ago

The area is located near the railway station, so every tourist can easily get there. Almost all the main attractions are collected in one place, everywhere is clean and the atmosphere of comfort is preserved. And the buildings of that time are especially interesting, it’s good when they cherish history.