Between inspections attractions in Barcelona and another portion of paella, you just need to walk along the beaches of the spanish diamond. Catalonia is rich in places to stay, if you can call it amazing sandy beaches, which are also marked with the Blue Flag for cleanliness and environmental friendliness. On the coast of Barcelona, ​​any tourist will find a beach for himself. There are beaches for couch potatoes, for active and sports, and even "spicy" beaches where you can sunbathe topless. But remember, all the beaches in Barcelona are public and free, so look after your belongings carefully.


The most popular beach in Barcelona. Everyone who is not lazy comes here to relax and sunbathe - singles, couples, families with children. It is advisable to take a place on this beach at the height of the season with the first rays of the sun. And for those who are too lazy to participate in activities, they can sunbathe and breathe clean sea air at Barceloneta.

It is located on Paseo Maritim Barseloneta, strewn with cozy bars and cafes. The beach is equipped with sports grounds, there is an area for rollerblading and skateboarding, as well as playgrounds. Not far from the beach is the main port of Barcelona, ​​where they call liners of major cruise companies. True, there are also disadvantages - the beach is the most touristy, because there are really enough illegal sellers and thieves here.

Somorrostro (Somorrostro)

A hotspot for wealthy European youth and one of the most recognizable beaches in Barcelona, ​​Somorrosto. This is the most party beach of the city, along which pretentious clubs and fashionable boutiques are located. It is surprising that several centuries ago there were slums and gypsies on the site of this area, and today it is the "golden beach" of Barcelona.

A distinctive feature and symbol of the beach is the sculpture "Goldfish". It was installed during the 1992 Olympic Games. Badminton, squash, Basque pelota and other games are available for visitors to Somorrostro.

Bogatell (Bogatell)

An ideal place to relax and reflect on what you saw in Barcelona. No one will bother you here - noisy companies go to other beaches, and they go here for peace. This is something between a party and "seal" rest.

There is even a safe on the beach where you can leave valuables and be calm for their safety. And for good reason – theft is rampant in Barcelona. Therefore, be careful! There are also sports grounds for playing volleyball or basketball. Entrance to the beach is free, but you have to pay for sunbeds, this is not Egypt for you.

Nova Icaria (Nova Icaria)

Nova Ikaria is chosen mainly by families with children, but you can also meet here young couples who crave peace. This beach cannot be called a haven of peace, but there will definitely not be noisy companies in the neighborhood, with the exception of frisky kids playing in the children's area.

Want to play a game or set of tennis, complete a volleyball team, or go diving? You're welcome! There are a lot of locals here, and they know exactly where it is better to relax in their hometown.

Mar Bella

The beach is not for everyone. We would say even for exceptional people. On 500 meters of the sandy beach of Mar Bella, nudists like to relax. There are also representatives of sexual minorities, so at the entrance to the beach you can see a sign with the inscription "gay friendly".

If this does not bother you, and you welcome freedom in all its manifestations, then feel free to go to the beach. There will be time and opportunity, take a ride on a yacht - next to Mar Bella is the local yacht base Base Nautica ..

San Sebastian

The cleanest and most central beach in Barcelona can be found next to the main La Ramblas. Locals and tourists flock here in search of a place under the sun. In terms of popularity and number of tourists, it ranks second in the city. In the numerous taverns and cafes on the waterfront, you can taste tapas, drink sangria or cool off with ice cream.

There are water entertainment centers and even a beach library. On the territory of the beach, it is impossible to see garbage in a place far from the urn - the workers carefully monitor the cleanliness of San Sebastian. Clear turquoise water is proof of this.


To the north of Mar Bella beach, in the San Marti area, there is a sparsely populated Levant. This does not mean that the beach is the worst. It has the same entertainment as on other Barcelona beaches, sand and sea are also fully available. Get further. This is probably the reason. Or, on the contrary, the highlight of the Levant.

In general, the beaches of Barcelona are open from 10.30 to 19.30, although there is no control, you can arrive much earlier and enjoy the silence. Also quite a lot of people come to the beaches of Barcelona after sunset. Officially, opening hours may be reduced at the beginning of the season and before it closes. It is better to leave a pet at home - visiting the beach with animals is prohibited, and violation is punishable by 1,5 thousand euros. If you choose a place near the Wi Fi sign, you can catch a free signal. It is very difficult to choose the best beach in Barcelona - all are good, but for different types of people. Try everything! But remember about cultural rest - Park Güell must visit ;)


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