Each book lover must get acquainted with such a genre as “Horrors“. If you are not yet familiar with the works of this subject, then we offer you a list of authors with whom you should familiarize yourself first. So best horror writers According to our editorial:

Stephen King

American writer Stephen King (1957 - present) definitely deserves a place on this list. His books have become cults, if you will, bestsellers. Dozens of books have been filmed in cinema, and the rest are re-read with trepidation. Phobias, vampires, wild clowns, other worlds, fears - all this has become attributes of a number of King's novels.

фильмы по романам Стивена Кингм

Best books and most read: “It”, the cycle “The Dark Tower”, “1408”, “Shine”, “Fog”.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

American writer (1890 - 1937) and just a mysterious character whose books make you shudder. Genre image "Cthulhu” forever entrenched in the literary genre of horror. Exactly Lovecraft can be called the founder of classic horror. What else to say about Lovecraft? The master of words and games with the reader more than once made everyone who touched his work think about it.

Books to start with: "The Call of Cthulhu", "The Ridges of Madness", "Simon's Nicronomicon". What else to read from Lovecraft.

Edgar Allan Poe

Again, from America (1809 - 1849). A man who had a huge impact on the entire genre. His books slowly but surely shock the reader, gradually squeezing his head into a stupor and impotence from what is happening. It was Poe who spawned a number of offshoots of the horror genre: psychological, mysticism, body horror. In life, gloomy and gloomy, he perfectly conveyed all his energy with a pen, enticing the reader with myths and legends.

Worth reading: “The Mask of the Red Death”, “The Well and the Pendulum”, “The Heart-Revealer”.

Mary Shelley

Originally from England (1797 - 1851). While still a very young girl, Mary saw in a dream a scientist who was collecting parts of the body of either a person or a monster. As a result, the world saw a brilliant work "Frankenstein“. For a moment, at the time of the release of her first full-fledged work, she was not even 20 years old.

Best Books: "Frankenstein", "The Last Man".

Robert Bloch

American writer (1917 - 1994) is a kind of continuation of Lovecraft. Most of his horrors are closely intertwined with fantasy, which excites the veins no less than the classic works of the genre.

Recommended reading: “Psycho”, “Couch”.

Clive Barker

British not so much a writer as a director (1952 - present). Nevertheless, his works are true classics of horror. A master of intricate stories with complex narratives.

Books: Hellraiser, Candyman.

Bram Stoker

The Irish novelist (1847 - 1912) is not something that became famous as a writer, but one of his novels turned the understanding of the genre. It is from his work that mythical creatures - vampires - are recognized.

Best Books: “Dracula”, “Visiting Dracula”.

Richard Matheson

The American writer (1926 - 2013) has been known to the world for many years. Films were made based on it, which deserved recognition. But a separate merit is the creation of a zombie cult.

Recommended books: “I am a legend”, “Hell house”.

Dean Koontz

A contemporary of King (1945 - present) did not gain the same fame, but was remembered by many fans of the genre thanks to thrillers.

Best Books: “Strange Thomas”, “Phantoms”, “Sole Survivor”. Other books by the author.

David Wong

The youngest representative from our selection of the best writers of the horror genre (1975 - present) boldly forms images, attaching metaphors, grotesque and horror components to them. His main work has already gained quite a bit of fame all over the world.

Best Books: "In the end, John will die", "This book is full of spiders."

For connoisseurs of the most diverse literature, we have also collected a selection science fiction writers, fantasy authors.

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