Beautiful songbird bird warbler-ratchet from the order of passeriformes, it is ubiquitous in the territory Belarus. For our region, the bird is considered migratory, and flies to warm Africa for the winter.

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The ratchet warbler stands out for its unusual singing, quite well recognizable, with a specific chirring because of which the bird got its name. Filled with singing, he tosses his head - it even looks funny.

Ratchet warbler photo

Phylloscopus sibilatrix belongs to the warbler family. The bird is very small in size, usually does not exceed 13 centimeters. Outwardly, males and females are similar, it is problematic to distinguish between them. The upper part is colored greenish, the belly is light or white with yellow tints. One of the distinguishing features is a long stripe of lemon-yellow eyebrows, starting from the beak and going to the edge of the head.

Birds of Belarus - Warbler-ratchet


You can meet the warbler both in the forest and in city parks. The photos from this article were taken near the Chizhovsky reservoir. The bird usually arrives closer to April and flies away quite early - in September.

Phylloscopus sibilatrixv


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