This bird is found everywhere in Belarus and is considered quite common for forests, less often for parks. Outwardly, it has a very dull color in which a brownish-olive color predominates, which is why Chiffchaff hard to see in the foliage. The size of the bird is small, about 10-12 centimeters. Above the eyes there is a faded strip in the form of an edge, the beak is usually dark.

Birds of Belarus - Pyachuraўka-tsenkaўka

You can detect a bird by melodic singing, but be careful, it is easy to confuse with another chiffchaff - ratchet.

Chiffchaff photo

The Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) returns to Belarus in the first days of April - the middle of the month, depending on the region. It begins to fly away for wintering already at the end of August and until the very end of September.

Birds of Belarus

The main diet of the Chiffchaff is a variety of small insects, which she seeks out in the crowns of trees.

Chiffchaff bird

Birds of Belarus - Chiffchaff


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