Not far from the historical center Minsk, at intersection Rakovskaya street and Nemiga, is one of the oldest sights of the city - Peter and Paul Cathedral. The first church on this site was built in 1620 year. According to rumors and legends, local residents raised money for it.

Peter and Paul Cathedral on Nemiga

Of course, the appearance of the building has changed many times over its long history. So in 1795 the temple was partially rebuilt and even re-consecrated - in Catherine's Church.

drawing by Dmitry Strukov, source: wiki

Another significant restructuring happened at the end of the 19th century (1870-1871). Then the church on Nemiga acquired Orthodox domes on the towers and roof. These changes are preserved in early 20th century photographs.

This is how the cathedral looked in 1901, photo source: book “Orthodox monasteries of Belarus”

With the advent of Soviet power, Catherine's Church was closed. All those who disagreed with this decision were shot, and a food warehouse was organized within the walls of the temple.

Catherine's Church on Nemiga

Surprisingly, in 1941 the church was reopened and re-consecrated in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. During the war, the temple was badly damaged, one of the bell towers was almost completely destroyed. In 1944, the Peter and Paul Cathedral was closed again, and the premises of the temple began to be used as a state archive. It is interesting that at some time the church was used even for ordinary housing.

Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk on Nemiga

In the 70s, a large-scale reconstruction of the cathedral took place, which allowed it to return to its former appearance. In 1991, the Peter and Paul Cathedral on Nemiga reopened its doors to parishioners.

Look options for excursions in Minsk. Near the cathedral there are other interesting sights of the city, for example Church of the Virgin Mary.

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