Church of Saints Peter and Paul located on the Neman coast in the village New overthrow. Peter and Paul Church experts refer to the architectural style of the Renaissance. It was assumed that the temple was built as Calvin collection. However, recent research supports the theory of Peter and Paul Church Radziwill An orphan.

This happened in 1588, according to the act of the Main Tribunal, Orphan ordered the foundation of the building to be erected. A native of a noble family, he was known as a hater of Protestantism, which was actively planted by his father Radziwill Black.

kostel v stolbcah

Temple The complex is made in the form of a hall-type rectangle with one nave. transepts the sides are not particularly pronounced, the semicircular apse protrudes beyond the boundaries of the main outlines.

Peter and Paul Church in the village of Novy Sverzhen

The massiveness and squat volume of the towers are combined with the modesty of the overall style. This gives the church austerity and striking monumentality of architectural appearance.

kostel v minsk region

The architecture of the church has undergone changes. So in 1818, after a devastating hurricane, the tower was rebuilt. She became lower and squat.

Churches of Belarus New Sverzhen

Three-tiered tower - the belfry is completed with a tent with a sharp spire, peculiar buttress serve as decoration. From the bottom of the tower formation rises a wooden staircase leading to the upper rooms.

The austerity of the decor elements is expressed in the tower, where a simple arcade with pilasters decorates the second floor. Semicircular recesses - respectively, the third.

kostel petropalovskiy

Like most Catholic churches in Belarus, the church in the village of Novy Sverzhen was closed after 1863. Returned to the bosom of the Catholic Church at the beginning of the 20th century - in 1901.

Sights of the Stolbtsovsky district

Initially, the temple housed six icons of the apostles and a sculptural image of Christ, silver dishes for the liturgy. In Soviet times, valuables were confiscated, and the church was reclassified as manure storage. Residents and the current abbot restored the complex, returning harmony to the ancient building.

Village New Sverzhen

Across the road from the church is another architectural monument of the 16th century - Assumption Church.

Village New Sverzhen

Peter and Paul Church located on Nesvizhskaya street, Novy Sverzhen village, Stolbtsovsky district. See the location on the map:

What else sights of Belarus visit in this region? Head to the side Nesvizh Palace. Along the way you can see the ruins of the church in Novye Novoselkiand temple in the village of Vyshnevets.

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