In the first half of the 19th century, with the support and approval of Count Nikolai Rumyantsev, work began on the construction Peter and Paul Cathedral in Gomel, which today is one of the main attractions of the city.

Peter and Paul Cathedral in Gomel

The construction of the church dragged on for many years. There were several reasons: the War of 1812, lack of resources, as well as the rapid development of the career of Count Rumyantsev, who was often away. Only after the end of the war was the count able to return to the construction of the future architectural monument. The work was completed in 1824 and the temple was illuminated by Archbishop Joseph in honor of Saints Peter and Paul.

Source: Slyunkova “Temples and monasteries of Belarus of the 2010th century as part of the Russian Empire. Recreating a Legacy” (XNUMX)

The cathedral itself is located on Lenin Square and is an integral part of it. Another interesting fact is that the appearance of the temple differs significantly from the canons of Orthodox construction.

This church gives an impression of grandeur and prosperity. The architecture of the temple is somewhat reminiscent of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg and St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Probably only the bell tower gives the temple its traditional appearance. It is also unique that the cathedral has been perfectly preserved to this day.

The church was built in a wonderful place - located near the shore, on the Sozh River. Be sure to visit the observation deck behind the cathedral, because from there you can see a simply gorgeous view of the river. Plus, this park is home to one of the city’s main attractions – Palace of the Paskeviches and Rumyantsevs.

Tower of the palace in Gomel

The interior of the temple cannot be called classical either - the space is not visually divided by columns, and it is beautifully lit.

Cathedral in Gomel
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Another interesting fact is that since 1935, an anti-religious museum was opened within the walls of the cathedral. Like many other architectural monuments of Belarus, the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Gomel was significantly damaged during the Second World War.

Main church in Gomel

After the end of the war, the temple was restored and until the beginning of the 60s it remained operational. From 1962 to 1985, the local planetarium was located here. In the early 90s, the cathedral was returned to believers and reconstruction was carried out. Finding this landmark of Gomel will not be difficult, below is the point with a mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to the city Rechitsa.

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