Sands is an agro-town in the Grodno region, which is located at the intersection of two roads: Shchuchin-Volkovysk и Bridges-Zelva. The main attraction for which tourists mainly come here is Neo-Gothic Church of Our Lady of Rozhentsova. The church in Pesky really stands out and from a distance is somewhat reminiscent of a small castle or a rebuilt manor.

Neo-Gothic church in Sands

Neo-Gothic church in Sands

The temple was built in 1903 with the financial support of Count Krasitsky (according to other sources in 1915). The church is made in the Neo-Gothic style of large boulders and bricks.

Church in Sands

Neo-Gothic church

After the end of the Second World War, the church in Pisky was closed and given over to a warehouse. During this time, the tower of the temple was badly damaged, which will be restored only in 1990.

Neo-gothic church of Belarus

Neo-Gothic in Belarus

Church in Sands

On the territory of the church there is also a gravestone for a German soldier from the First World War.

Tombstone for a German soldier

Church in Sands

But Church of Our Lady of Rozhentsova in Sands there is also a classical ant-church. Similar temples were actively built after 1863 all over the country, Pesky was no exception. Here, in 1870, finished Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Church in the agricultural town of Peski

At the beginning of the 20th century, Sands belonged to Vladislav Puslovskyduring which a wooden watermill was built. Unfortunately, it was completely demolished in 2010.

What else to see in these parts? Head to the side Zelvawhere the most beautiful Trinity Church. On the way, you can visit the village Velyka Ragoznica и Samuylovichi. More sights of Belarus on the mapand country tours.


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