A few kilometers from Drogichin, there is a village Perkovichi, which since 1756 belonged to the family Visloukhov.

Manor park in Perkovichi

Of the attractions in Perkovichi, I would like to highlight Assumption Church and restored, based on old photographs, the estate of the Visloukhovs.

Manor complex in Perkovichi

The original version of the manor house was laid in 1805 year with Zenone Fold. In the future, the estate grew, side wings were added to the house, and a large park with a pond was also equipped.

Manor Visloukhov in Perkovichi, Drogichinsky district

The two-story manor has architectural features classicism с baroque elements. The main facade is distinguished by a balcony with a four-columned portico. At the end of the 19th century, this portico was replaced by a wooden veranda. (According to rumors, this happened after an accident). In 1906, another reconstruction of the estate took place, after which the appearance of the building changed again.

Syadzіbna-Parkavy Ensemble Vіslavuhaў Pyarkovіchy
Zdymak was created in 1918.

Just then, a beautiful three-stage attic with rhombic windows appeared.

Perkovichi Drogichinsky district

The Lop-ears owned the estate in Perkovichi until 1939. And even after that, one of the representatives of the genus, Anthony Visloukh, continued to remain here until March 40. The old professor did not want to leave his native land and his huge library. Unfortunately for him, this decision ended in failure. That same year he was arrested, and his writings and books were burned right in front of him.

Village Perkovichi Old photo
source: Nestsyarchuk Leanid Mikhailavich. “Castles, palaces, parks of Beraszeyshchyny X-XX stagodzjaў

Perkovichi - 19th century Visloukhov estate

Over time, the manor house was adapted into a boarding school, which continues to work here today. The building itself has been significantly rebuilt and has completely lost its former planning solutions. At the beginning of the 21st century, the estate was restored according to the latest relevant photographs.

Near Perkovichi, a unique chapel-tomb of the Ozheshko family in the village of Zakozel.

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