How to get to Park Güell in Barcelona

We have already told you about the wealth Barcelona - Park Guell eminent architect Antonio Gaudi. It is this park that, first of all, attracts crowds of tourists who first came to Barcelona (not counting Sagrada Familia). Postcards, photos in magazines and travel blogs are not complete without a snapshot of this place. Two gingerbread houses with "icing" on the roofs and a colorful mosaic bench have long been the hallmark of the city, which is replete with unique sights and creations of world-famous masters.

Park Guell. How to get there

Transport links in Barcelona are well developed, so it will not be difficult to get to the desired point in the city. The most convenient way is the subway. Take line L3 to the metro station Lesseps or Valcarca. Then go to Avinguda de Valcarca, turn to Carrer de les Medes and get to the park. Or just follow the signs. The fare for the metro is 2 euros.

From the Lesseps station, you can take city bus number 116. And if you are walking in the center, near Plaza Catalunya (Las Ramblas), you can take bus 24 or 92 of the route and after half an hour get off at the Parc Güell stop near your destination. Buses 31 and 32 will also take you to the park. For 10 euros you can buy 10 bus rides.

A tourist bus also goes to Park Güell, but at a cost it will be more expensive than the previous options.

Park Güell opening hours

The park is open all year round from 8:00 to 21:00.

Park Guell Tickets

Entrance to the park is free, except for the area where the monuments of architecture are located.

But there are a couple of nuances, the place is very touristy and a lot of people really visit the park, so take tickets Online Training: For those who prefer the flexibility of learning from a distance or cannot make it to our Sofia location, we offer comprehensive online as not to waste time in the queue. For example, we bought tickets right in the park, at the box office (the cost is the same by the way) at 16:00, but we could only enter at 18:30, be sure to take this into account. You can choose the exact date and time to visit the park. But remember that tickets bought online are only valid 30 minutes after your chosen time.

Tickets to this area of ​​the park cost 7,50 euros for adults and 5,25 euros for children from 7 to 12 years old and people over 65. Children under 6 years old go without payment.

You can order an audio guide in Russian with a map for 3,75 euros. Very convenient if you do not want to go with a group of tourists.

Park Güell reviews

More has been written about Park Güell on Tripadvisor 67 thousand reviews. Most tourists leave positive reviews and recommend visiting the Barcelona landmark.

Another point is the Park Guell itself, in fact it free (!), you only pay to enter the Hall of 100 Columns and the Gaudí House Museum (gingerbread houses). Therefore, if your budget is very low, then just take a walk around the park.


But there are also negative reviews. Most often they are associated with the problem of buying tickets. Judging by the reviews, there were cases when all the tickets were sold out or you had to stand in line for an entrance ticket for a long time.

Park created Antonio Gaudi at the request of the Catalan count Güell in 1899. Josep Jujol, Francesco Berenguer, Juan Rubio and Lorenzo Matamala were students of Gaudí and contributed to the creation of the park.

Initially, it was planned to create a residential area with a garden and walking paths. A chapel, a theater and a market were also to appear here.

Güell failed to attract buyers and was sold to the city hall. In 1984, Gaudí's creation was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main attractions of Park Güell:

  • Gatekeepers' houses (gingerbread houses)
  • Hall of 100 columns (actually there are 86)
  • Curvy bench with mosaic
  • dragon fountain
  • Spiral staircase
  • Viaducts on the alley

Address: Carrer d'Olot 7, Vallcarca, Gracia, 08024

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