On the border of the Minsk and Vitebsk regions there is the urban village of Bobr, located on the river of the same name. The town was mentioned back in the first half of the 16th century; during its long history it was owned by: the Chodkiewicz, Patsy, Oginsky, and also the Bartolameys, under whom a manor, a distillery and a water mill were built. In addition, in Beaver there used to be a stone church of the Virgin Mary and a wooden church of St. Nicholas. Unfortunately, many historical objects of the settlement have been lost.

Urban village of Bobr
view of the rebuilt St. Nicholas Church and the river
Old photo Beaver
Same view as in the top photo, but in 1918

On the approach to Beaver, pay attention to the bridge, next to which there is a small spring, popular with local residents.

Beaver River in Belarus

Below is a point with the location of the church in Beaver:

If you are in these parts, I advise you to stop by Krupki to see the Svyatsky estate.

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