One of the most frequently encountered birds in Belarus can be safely called - Great tit (white – Vialikaya sinitsa). This particular bird will be a frequent visitor to your feeders in winter and you will almost certainly hear its melodious singing while walking in the city park.

Great tit - photos and description

Parus major is the most numerous species of the tit family. Externally, the Great Tit stands out for its bright colors: a rich yellow belly, turning into an olive top on the back, a black head, beak and paws, as well as a peculiar “tie”. This bird has a rather long tail with a bluish tint.

parus major

This tit is comparable in size to a sparrow; its length is about 15-16 centimeters. Females and males are similar, it is difficult to distinguish them (females are a little duller and smaller).

What kind of birds does Belarus have?

The great tit is found throughout Belarus, both in urban areas and in various types of forests.

Birds of Belarus - Droopy Tit

There is an interesting fact, it is assumed that Parus major can exhibit the habits of birds of prey and even attack bats. Such actions were recorded by ornithologists in Hungary and Germany, but how typical this is for all Great Tits remains a big question.

Great tit photo

A more natural diet is seeds and various insects, including forest pests. In winter, this type of tits eagerly flies to feeders to feed itself.

Vyalika blue tit

The great tit lays eggs twice in a year, but the average life expectancy of wild birds is unfortunately quite short - 2-3 years.

Great tit photo and description


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