Closer to the Eastern Bridge in Grodno, near the very bank of the Neman River, is the summer residence of the last king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Stanislav August Poniatowski. What has survived from this manor complex is a heavily rebuilt house, a chapel-tomb, a stable, some outbuildings, as well as part of a landscape park. The construction of the next estate (King Poniatowski had many of them) was completed in 1771, but the original appearance is very different from the building that can be seen today. The palace was baroque, entirely made of stone and on one floor. Symmetrical porticoes with wooden columns appeared already in the mid-19th century, when Ponemun estate owned by representatives of the Drutsky-Lubetsky family. This is exactly the appearance found in old photographs, as well as in the drawing of Napoleon Orda.

Estate of Stanisław August Poniatowski Ponemun

The chapel-tomb was built under the Lyakhnitskys and was apparently completed before 1870. Its architecture is an example of the neo-Gothic style; the building is distinguished by an interesting arched portal and a high turret with a pseudo-balcony. Like other buildings of the estate complex, it is located on the territory of an enterprise (motor depot), so getting close is quite problematic.

Kaplitsa Panemun

On an old postcard from the first half of the 20th century, the lost elements of the Poniatowski estate are clearly visible: a greenhouse, a gallery with a tower, a two-story office.

Panemun old photo
old pasta 1907, photo – L. Gelgor

Prominent representatives of their time often came to this beautiful estate to rest. Eliza Ozheshko, Evfimy Karsky, Frantishek Bogushevich were here. After World War II, Ponemun lost its attractiveness, some of the buildings were dismantled or rebuilt, and the estate itself began to be used for housing.

Chapel of Ponemun

Below is a dot marking the place where the manor house stands:

A number of other attractions are associated with the name of Poniatowski in Grodno, including 2 more estates: Stanislavovo, Augustovo.

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