Napoleon Orda - one of the most famous travelers in Belarus. It is thanks to his drawings and lithographs that you can see what certain sights looked like in the second half of the 19th century. Moreover, Napoleon Mateusz Tadeusz Orda, was a prominent writer, composer, sculptor and even a teacher. Such a person certainly deserves monument in their native lands, which is installed in the city Ivanovo (Yanov).

Monument to Napoleon Orda in Ivanovo

Bronze sculpture appeared in Ivanovo in 1997 year, through the efforts Igor Golubev. The composition depicts Napoleon Orda sitting on a stump and drawing another architectural sketch. Surprisingly, this is the only monument to the legendary artist in all of Europe.

Memorial plaque in memory of Napoleon Orda

Monument to Napoleon Orda in Ivanovo

A few years ago, this monument was damaged by a strong wind: the hand with the tablet was torn off the sculpture. Fortunately, the monument was quickly restored.

Monument to Napoleon Orda in Ivanovo

The monument to Napoleon Orda is located behind the regional center of culture Ivanovo, not far from Church of the Intercession and a church.

In the small homeland of Napoleon Orda, Vorotsevichi, now the work on recreating the family estate of the Ord family is being completed.

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