The village of Pervomaisky (Pervomaiskaya), Korelichsky district, until 1948 was called Obryn (Obrina). The estate in these parts was founded by representatives of the Obrinsky family in the second half of the 16th century. From them, the manor passed to other noble families: the Khodkevichs, the Raevskys and, of course, the Kashits. Under the Raevskys and Kashitsy built unique homestead, which had no architectural analogues on the territory of Belarus. Today, unfortunately, only the ruins of buildings, cellars and earthen ramparts have survived from the former estate. Walking through the park along the river, you can see the place where family tomb Kashycey and the grave of participants in the uprising of 1863.

Tomb of the Kashitsey Obrin clan

Chapel-tomb Kashitsey in Obryna
Scan from the book of Fedoruk A.T. “Ancient estates of Belarus. Korelichsky district. The photo was probably taken in the 30s.

The chapel in Obryna had a rather modest size - 10 by 6 meters. It was a chapel room (destroyed) and a crypt with arched niches - stoves.

Obrina Kashitsei

In these ovens, there are 10 of them, the dead representatives of Kashitsya were buried. However, it is curious that in one of the niches there is a gravestone with the name Konstantin Raevsky, founder of the estate.

Crypt of Obrin's Gruel

He died in 1844, at that time it is unlikely that the chapel already existed. There is an assumption that he was reburied here in 1911, when the chapel was rebuilt on behalf of Felix Kashyts (the last owner of Obrin).

Chapel of Obrin's Kashitsei

Abandoned tomb of the Kashitse family

Sophia Kashits (1874), nee Raevskaya, is buried in this chapel, and she gave birth to these 2 ancient families.

Chapel-tomb in the village of Pervomayskaya

The ruins of the tomb in the village of Pervomayskaya

Passing from the chapel through the forest, you can find a grave, or rather a memorial sign, installed by Konstantin Kashica in 1870.

Ancient grave in Obrina (Pervomaiskaya)

Konstantin was an active participant in the uprising of 1863, for which he almost lost his estate.

Grave of an 1863 rebel in Obryna

1870 grave at Obryna

The fate of the Kashytsya chapel was tragic, however, like the last representatives of this family. Felix Kashits was shot in 1943 and buried somewhere on the territory of the manor complex. After the end of the war, the kaplichka was dismantled into bricks, and the graves were looted in search of valuables. A few years ago, modest attempts were made to ennoble the ruins of the chapel and to close the ovens of the crypt with bars. Finding this place can be problematic, especially in summer when weeds grow around. Below is the point with the location on the map:

If you are in these parts, then I advise you to see Orthodox churches in Eremichi и agro-town Turets. After driving a few kilometers along the P11 highway, you can see ruins of a church in the village of Berezovets, picturesquely located on a hill.

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