Chapel-tomb of the Zhabrovsky family located near the village Padnevichi. More precisely, on the ninth kilometer of the route Rakov-Ivenets, in the former tract Tupal region. The tomb was built in 1852 (according to other sources in 1868) from rubble stone in a retrospective-Gothic style at the local cemetery.

In addition to the tomb itself, in the town of Padnevichi there is the grave of one of the most famous playwrights and classics of Belarusian literature - Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich.

The poet lived and worked near Padnevichi, back in 1840 he bought a small estate Lyutinka (near pershai). Therefore, these regions can be safely called his second home.

Tomb of the Zhabrovskys and the grave of Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich

After the revolution of 1863, the author spent several years in prison in Minsk, then returned to his estate where he was active: he opened a school, staged several performances and wrote one of his most famous works “Pinsk nobility“. The writer died in 1884, the bronze bust was installed in 1977.

The Zhabrovskys, who owned these lands, fell out of favor after their defeat in the 1863 revolution. The estates were partially sold, partially confiscated. At that time, there was no name “Padnevichi” yet, falvarak was called “Tupal region".

Tomb of the Zhabrovskys

Since 1950, the settlement has been completely liquidated, the houses were dismantled and moved. The only reminder remains Tomb of the Zhabrovskys. Finding a place is easy, below is the mark:

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