Lake Salda - where is it located and what is it

Salda - a lake unique in its origin, formed in the crater of an inactive volcano. The landscapes of the lake are accompanied by an unusual coastline, colorfully strewn with tiny particles. hydromagnesite. This is a rock of natural origin, which is part of volcanic magma. Black blotches of hydromagnesite shimmering in the sun look especially impressive.

Sights of Turkey - Lake Salda

The rock is not only part of the coast, but also contained in the reservoir itself, giving it a pleasant turquoise hue, reminiscent of colorful waves. legendary Maldives. It is because of this that Salda Lake is often called the Turkish Maldives. A pine-spruce forest, thickets of reeds and other vegetation organically lined up around the lake, making the air around really clean.

Turkish Maldives Lake Salda

The area of ​​the reservoir is only 44 km2. The depth reaches its maximum at around 200 meters. This indicator is the first among all freshwater Turkish reservoirs. Swimming in Salda is extremely difficult and dangerous, and now it is completely prohibited. Water even in summer does not warm up above 20 degrees. With a shortage of precipitation, the lake quickly dries up and its surface is filled with 7 small islands. This is another reference to the Maldives.

Sights of Turkey Lake Salda

Picturesque surroundings are not the only advantage Saldy. The local mud is rich in magnesium and has healing properties. Despite the specific smell of hydrogen sulfide, people with various diseases actively use it. Sometimes they even try to get it and take it out for medical procedures in various spa centers.

The lake wears protected object status. Therefore, you can rest only in places strictly designated for this (zones fenced with buoys). Since 2020, swimming is prohibited, often locals and tourists violate the ban. Not far from the lake there is a center that provides paragliding services with wonderful views of the surroundings. Bicycles are also for rent, which will allow you to comfortably visit all the colorful nooks and crannies.

Lake Salda in Turkey excursions

The most popular Turkish freshwater reservoir is geographically located in the southwest of the region. Being at the same distance from the largest resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. The closest landmark is the province Yeshilova in the region That's it. You can get here both by car and by public transport.

"Turkish Maldives" - for and against

The "pearl" of Turkey is located on a hill. Average temperatures fluctuate and are inferior to those of the coastal southwestern regions of the country. The difference reaches up to 10 degrees. Even on the hottest days, the water in the lake does not warm up above 18-20 degrees. Therefore, not everyone will be comfortable swimming in such conditions.

Review trip to Lake Salda

The natural object gives unforgettable emotions to its visitors. Often, they are positive. Many travelers note colorful landscapes and incredibly clear water. By the way, this perception is strongly tied to changeable weather conditions, which can turn a colorful reservoir into a “gray” inconspicuous place. The negative points are devoted to the underdeveloped coastal infrastructure.

Tourists who have traveled to the Turkish Maldives, as a rule, are satisfied with their trip.

The main impression they make is:

  • natural landscapes;
  • the purest air;
  • transparent and pleasant shade of water.

Salda is also admired by the locals who come here for the first time. And people who have housing near the lake even use this place for weekends and family picnics. The attraction is also chosen by the newlyweds, who line up for colorful picturesque photographs.

Excursions to Lake Salda: on your own or as part of an excursion group

Despite some remoteness from civilization, getting to the place will not be difficult. Consider how you can get to Salda from different points on the route.

Point of departure: Antalya, Kemer, Alania

By bus:

Unfortunately, there is no direct route from these points. Therefore, first you have to get to Isparta or Burdur. Then get to Yeshilov - either by buying a ticket at the station, or by catching a taxi.

Driving route:

Roads D330, D400, Korkuteli Tefenni Yolu and E87.

Point of departure: Bodrum

by bus:

Find a flight to Denizli and sit on it. Then continue your journey by bus until the final stop.

on your car:

Rent a car is a popular way to travel in Turkey. To get to Lake Salda, the main thing is not to leave the D330 road.

Starting point: Marmaris

by bus:

Take a flight to the city Tavas. Next, transfer to a flight to Yeshilov.

Driving route:

The route is similar, but if you are not sure and are afraid to get lost, then use the navigator or map.

from Side

By bus:

The route will pass through the transfer point in Chandyra.

By car:

The route will be 220 km. Drive along the E87 highway. The car is convenient because it does not impose time restrictions. Thus, having a desire, you can spend the night here and follow the sunrise and sunset. The only disadvantage of this path is the price of local gasoline. A liter here is valued at over $1. The road, on average, will take about 3-5 hours.

Salda Lake Turkish Maldives

How to get there as part of an excursion?

The most comfortable way to travel to Salda is a trip with excursion group. There are two types of tours to choose from: sea and bus-pedestrian.

Tez Tour buses

As a rule, the program of events includes visits to Salda, Suluada, an ancient settlement Pamukkale and many other attractions. The total travel time will be 9-18 hours with breakfast, lunch, dinner and swimming breaks included.

The cost varies and is approximately $30-58 per adult and $15-40 per child. Children under 6 years of age do not need a ticket for some destinations. This price will include all transfers, English-speaking guides and a buffet.

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