Mountains, sea, sun, pebble and rocky beaches, tangerine and pomegranate groves, a picturesque pier in the old city - all this is Antalya. In this article I will share my impressions of a vacation in one of the most famous resorts in Turkey. I will tell you about the pros and cons, the nuances and the road, as well as the importance of travel insurance. And so, my review about holidays in Antalya.

Flight and road to Antalya from Minsk

В Antalya I went on vacation at the end of September. Flying alone with an airline Turkish Airlines with transfer to Istanbul. And, although the transfer was 1,5 hours, this time was barely enough.

Flight Minsk Istanbul Turkish Airlines

Istanbul airport really big, international and domestic flights - in different parts. Therefore, I had to ask other tourists to let me go ahead at passport control (hello english!) and even arrange a small sprint race.

Before traveling to Turkey, you need to fill out a questionnaire no earlier than 72 hours before the flight. The questionnaire is also available in Russian. As a result, you are assigned QR Code. The questionnaire must be presented before arrival and at the reception at the hotel.

Also a note on vaccines: Turkey accepts either PCR testor vaccination certificate, but only with vaccines approved by the WHO and the Turkish Ministry of Health. As far as I know, of the Russian vaccines, only Sputnik VU.

of the advantages of such a route to Antalya

  • good service of the Turkish airline (snack, nice staff, the ability to watch movies to your liking on the screen built into the front seat);

How Turkish Airlines feeds

  • fast flight from Minsk to Antalya.

of the minuses

  • the cost of the flight;
  • transfer in Istanbul with a small margin of time.

From Antalya Airport to your holiday destination

From airport to Kaleichi (a quarter in the historical part of the city) a short distance (much less than from Istanbul airport to the city itself). There are several options for how to independently get from the airport to the center of Antalya.

Antalya Airport Turkey
Antalya airport

For example, the most popular and convenient is the tram. However, I, tired, was too lazy to understand all the subtleties, and I took a taxi (transfer). The cost is 100 lira (about 10 €). Of the benefits:

  • short distance from the airport;
  • taxi fare
  • It is possible to use the tram (public transport).

No particular difficulties or disadvantages were found.

review about holidays in Antalya

Accommodation in Anatalia

I wanted to live in an old town called Kaleichi, so I booked a room in its center in boutique hotel “Mia boutique hotel”. What is a boutique hotel? This is a small hotel with an unusual design (each hotel has its own characteristics) without an all inclusive system. I have included breakfast. Personally, I don’t see the need to take another lunch and dinner: during the day I usually disappear on the beach, and in the evening it’s nice to go out into the city and sit in a cozy restaurant.

How is food served at the Mia boutique hotel

I note that a ticket from a travel agency for citizens from Belarus It will definitely cost less than buying a plane ticket and paying for accommodation on your own. Due to personal circumstances, I chose the “self-sufficient” package 🙂


  • location in the old town;
  • low cost;
  • insanely caring staff;
  • delicious and hearty breakfasts;
  • good wifi

I'll take the cons:

  • noisy somewhere until midnight (not suitable for families with children);
  • the staff does not speak Russian. (for those who do not know English - there will be a problem)

Beach holidays in Antalya

I arrived at the hotel about at 7 o'clock in the evening and on the same day went "for reconnaissance". Nearby is a picturesque bay with ships, yachts and a very small Mermerli beach. It is rocky, there are very few sun loungers. If you love sand, this beach is not for you. The pebbly beach is located 40 minutes walk from my hotel.

review about holidays in Antalya

Pebble, nearby trees to hide from the sun, pleasant waves of the Mediterranean Sea - a gorgeous beach. Therefore, I advise those who do not like walking to choose not the old city, but the district Konyaaltiwhere the traditional tourist beaches are located.

+ incomparable pebble beach.

- not

Tour options from Antalya

The day after my arrival, I booked an excursion to Pamukkale and Lake Salda. I made a reservation online at home. The tour runs only on certain days, but I needed it Saturday. It is worth noting that the tour starts at night (at 4 o'clock) and ends at about 10 pm. Price - 50 euro.

Tour options from Antalya

During the tour we went to the city Hieropolis, visited the ancient theater and Pamukkale springs there, were at a wine tasting, admired the Turkish Maldives - the deepest lake in Turkey, Salda.

Tour options from Antalya

By the way, it was news to me that Turkish wines annually participate in competitions in France and take first place there.

+ I was delighted with the tour.

- quite a long road

Evening rest in the city

There are a lot of bars, pubs and restaurants in the old town. All of them are so sincere, original and cozy that you want to go into each one. The food is inexpensive and of high quality, you can eat for 20-30 liras per person.

review of Antalya

However, you can also get overpriced with the most ordinary food. From traditional dishes, various types of kebap, köfte, flour products and sweets, a sandwich with fish (balyk-ekmek) are popular.

+ The food is delicious, high quality and inexpensive.

- didn't notice any cons

Anatlya experiences

My accident, insurance

I had an accident while on vacation. I got into an accident on a scooter. Unfortunately, I decided to ride on the third day of the trip, and the rest of the days I was not on the beach.

Of course, the vacation plans included a trip to Kursunlu waterfall и Tazy Canyonare truly picturesque places. However, as you know, plans have changed.

Tazy Canyon Antalya

I won’t say that the accident was serious, but there were wounds on my leg and I had stitches. Turkish medicine is not bad - they immediately vaccinated against tetanus, quickly processed everything, put in stitches, wrote out a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics.

Upon departure home at the airport, the doctor did a mini-examination, this service is paid, and is necessary to request assistance in moving at other airports (I really could not walk). Insurance company asked to bring all the documents for the possibility of reimbursement. Therefore, if you are planning independent trips, be sure not to forget about travel insurance (usually included in package tours).

The result of the review about the rest in Anatlia

Summing up my story, I can say that before the trip I thought: how can Turkey surprise me. But you know I fell in love with Antalya. Maybe I didn’t have enough of it because of the accident, or maybe I was waiting for this trip too much. And although I usually do not travel to the same places, this city wants to say: “Antalya, I will be back!”

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text and photo by Anna Zubets


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