Where and from where is it better to fly to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a very promising tourist destination. It will take just a couple of years and prices will rise several times. Therefore, have time to visit this amazing country. Question where is the best place to fly to vietnam there is a very specific answer - Moscow. But here the emphasis is on the word “better”, not better for everyone. There are direct flights from Moscow, hence this advice. Also, prices will be quite competitive, and often better than for connecting flights. So start looking for tickets to Vietnam from Moscow. Where? Here from the season and airline updates, at the time of writing, the best option is - Hanoi. Below is the price calendar:

Flights are operated by Aeroflot and Vietnam Airlines. Schedule Moscow – Hanoi:

Moscow – Ho Chi Minh City:

How many hours to fly from Moscow to Vietnam?

If you followed the advice and chose Moscow as your departure point, then fly to Vietnam to be from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on a direct flight. Destination - Hanoi airport.

Vietnam airlines shares

What is the best month to fly to Vietnam?

Let's start with a few factors. Vietnam located in several climatic zones. And if the south pleases with warmth all year round, then the north may not be very generous on hot days. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, located in the northern part of the country.

vietnam airport hanoi

When asked where it is better to fly to Vietnam, there is another life hack. Resting on Phu Quoc island communicated with Russian tourists who bought a package tour with an included flight. They had a flight direct Moscow - Phu Quoc. If you do not plan to travel around the country, but want a beach holiday, consider the tour option. Review of a good hotel in Fukuoka.

starfish beach in fukuoka

Holiday season in Vietnam - our calendar winter. But you can go here all year round. The only caveat is the rainy season, which starts from April to October. The rains are heavy but short. Where is the best place to fly to Vietnam in December? You can safely go to all the main resorts of the country. The only north of Vietnam will meet you with a temperature of about +20, the south is guaranteed +30. Read about Halong Bay.

To Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from other cities:


  1. I was looking for tickets Minsk - Ho Chi Minh City, back and forth for the end of January - the beginning of February. Everything is complicated and there are many changes. There are no direct flights, of course, but I leaned towards your option to fly by Aeroflot. There are many flights to Moscow from Minsk, there is the same Aeroflot in Sheremetyevo.

    An alternative from Minsk is to fly with a large number of transfers through Doha airport or Istanbul.

    In any case, I agree that it’s easier to try a direct flight, even if it’s $ 50-100 more expensive


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