One of the attractions of the urban village Conquered is part of the former missionary monastery, or rather the surviving building hospital. Missionary monks were invited to these parts in the second half of the 18th century by Jan August Gilsen, then the owner of the town.

Former missionary monastery hospital in Oswey

The activity of the monastery was aimed at improving the writing and education of peasant children. A school for future priests also worked within the walls of the missionary hospital.

Monastery in Osveya

One wing of this building was partially restored a few years ago and Catholic services were periodically held in it.

Osveya, Vitebsk region, attractions

The Gilsen brothers, Jan August and Jerzy Nicolai, sponsored the construction Trinity Church at the monastery (not preserved).

Ruined church in Osveya
This is what the temple looked like. Drawing of Napoleon Orda (mid-19th century)

The exact date of the construction of the temple is unknown, but it is assumed that before 1782 it was already ready. Apparently, the work was supervised by Constance Gilzen, Jan's wife, since her husband died in 1767. The church was designed by a young architect Anthony Paraca (he also worked on Church of St. Anthony in Druya).

What did the church look like in Osveya
from the book Żyskar F. J (Archidjecezja mohylowska), photograph of the first half of the 20th century

In terms of architecture, the Osveysky church belonged to the baroque style, towerless, with a beautiful figured front. Similar temples, for example, are in Mozyr, Kostenevichah, Disney.

The missionary monastery in Osvey was closed in 1836, and the Church of the Holy Trinity at that time became a simple parish church.

Revealing the abandoned building of the monastery

Former missionary monastery hospital in Oswey

In 1917, a struggle began in Osvey with the old religious ways, which ended in 1937 with sad events. The Trinity Church was blown up, and its ruins were dismantled for building material. The hospital building was more fortunate, it was adapted for administrative needs.

Osveya monastery

What's with the abandoned building in Osway?

In the 90s, the need for this building disappeared and its appearance immediately began to deteriorate. There were modest attempts to conserve the historical monument, which continue today with varying success.

The attraction is close to the local school and Ruins of the Gilzen Palace, below is a point with a mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to see the unique neo-Gothic temple in Sarya.


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