Roosevelt Island in New York visited annually by thousands of tourists coming to USA. They are attracted by the special history and atmosphere of this territory, its magic of attraction. Plus, this place is not so popular, unlike the same Manhattan. You can take a leisurely walk around the island and get around the whole place in an hour, having managed to see the main sights. This article has collected interesting facts, photos and history of Roosevelt Island.

What is interesting about Roosevelt Island in New York

To whom does the island owe its name?

The island has had several names throughout its 400-year history. It was originally called - Hog island. Since 1686 - named after Blackwell. After 1920, the island receives a name - Assistance (Wellfare Island). The current received in honor of the President Franklin Roosevelt. Indeed, this only happened in 1973 year. Unique to the US, Roosevelt's 4 terms helped lift America out of the Great Depression. And also become a member of the coalition that defeated fascism.

Roosevelt Island name
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Location and how to get there?

Roosevelt Island in New York - a real treasure on the East River, which flows between Manhattan and Long Island.

Squeezed on both sides by its banks, it differs from other areas of New York surrounding it. From here you can admire the beautiful view of the UN building, the Empire State and Chrysler skyscrapers.

View of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island

On the other side, the picturesque areas of Queens are perfectly visible.

Roosevelt Island view of Queens

You can get from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan in cable cars, and a bridge connects it with Queens.

How to get to Roosevelt Island from Manthetan

From Queens to Manhattan one stop on the subway (line F). These territories are also connected by a bridge Queensboro.

General idea of ​​the island

Roosevelt Island stretching for 3 km in the widest places reaches about 250 meters. He belongs to the eighth public council of Manhattan, has his own newspaper. No more than 12 thousand people live here.

Apartments on Roosevelt Island

The island is clean, well-groomed, with luxurious greenery of parks.

Roosevelt Island New York

A regular bus runs along it, there are large shops, a school, a clinic.

What to see on Roosevelt Island

The favorite place for rest of the townspeople is the embankment; playgrounds in parks are equipped for sports.

Roosevelt Island in New York

Short story

Fate played a cruel joke on the island: the authorities New York in the 20s of the XNUMXth century, they bought it and turned it into a place of detention for criminals and the insane. During the smallpox epidemic, patients with this terrible disease were also placed here.

Old shot of Roosevelt Island in New York
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All this had a negative impact on the image of the island; for many years, a trail of notoriety stretched behind it. Today, only local sights and incredible legends remind of this.

Old shot of Roosevelt Island in New York
source: dailymail

Major Attractions

The concentration of interesting places on the island attracts guests of the Big Apple. Top attractions on Roosevelt Island in New York include:


architectural monument Octagon is located at 888 Main Street. Alexander Davis. She was the entrance to the city psychiatric hospital.

Octagon on Roosevelt Island in New York

At the end of the 19th century, the hospital for the mentally ill, about the terrible conditions in which the writer Charles Dickens told the world, was closed. The octagon, after almost 100 years of desolation and 2 fires, was restored and today is the entrance to the residential complex of the same name.

Roosevelt Island Octagon

Four Freedoms Park

Initiated Roosevelt Memorial Park located in the southern part of the island.

Roosevelt Park on the island

Roosevelt Park

It houses a bronze bust of the president and a granite cube carved with the 4 fundamental freedoms that he proclaimed in 1941.

freedom of speech

religious freedom

freedom from want

freedom from fear

Roosevelt Park in New York

Old house Blackwell House

Monument of architecture of the XVIII century blackwell house ranks 6th in the list of ancient buildings in New York.

blackwell house

It was built in 1796 by Mr. Jacob, the great-grandson of the owner of the island. Robert Blackwell. The ancient building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd in the center of Roosevelt Island

A historic chapel with 400 seats was built on the main street of the island in 1888 for charitable purposes. The architect who designed it considered the Gothic style ideal for churches.

Chapel on Roosevelt Island

Chapel of the Good Shepherd was intended for patients of a nearby almshouse. It looked like an English parish church. On the lower floor there was a library and rooms for missionaries and clergy.

Church on Roosevelt Island in New York

In the first year, the temple was visited by more than 2000 guests from Europe, Australia and USA. In 1958 Chapel of Good Shepherd was closed and restored only in 2003.

Chapel of Good Shepherd Roosevelt Island

Today it is a city landmark and a place of worship for the Catholic and Protestant communities of the island.


In the north of the island is 15m stone lighthouselisted on the National Register of Historic Places.

Attractions Roosevelt Island

It was built by prisoners in 1872. It is an octagonal rod standing on an octagonal base. The entrance is decorated with a pediment and a Gothic pointed arch. The building is crowned with an octagonal lantern with a conical roof.

Lighthouse on Roosevelt Island New York

The lighthouse was in working condition until 1940. At the end of the last century, it was restored. The historic building will soon be 150 years old.

Abandoned hospital

Smallpox Hospital for the treatment of smallpox patients, built by prisoners, opened on the island in the middle of the XNUMXth century.

Abandoned Smallpox Hospital

The design of the building was unique and gave it an imposing appearance. The windows of the 3rd floor were made in the form of triangular arches, the central part was decorated with a massive tower with Gothic details.

Abandoned hospital new york

Abandoned hospital in New York

When the hospital closed, the building was converted into a nursing training center, and in 1950 the students were moved to new premises.

Abandoned hospital on Roosevelt Island

It was not possible to revive the abandoned building. Today, its ruins, entwined with ivy, look picturesque and attract the attention of tourists.

Former hospital on Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island in New York - a unique place America with an unusual history and fate, surprising and captivating at first sight. If you plan to visit New York, then add this place to your list. See options tours of New York in Russianand don't forget about US travel insurance.

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