many beginners travelers first of all, they try to go to the capital of the country they have chosen for the visit. All the capitals of the world are somewhat similar. All of them are noisy, vain, with tourists crowding everywhere. But, nevertheless, each of them has its own peculiarity, its own charm. However, coming to Oslo - the capital of Norway, tourists first of all want to feel viking age. To do this, they have many opportunities.


How to get to Oslo?

Choose a flight that is convenient for you through metopoizkoviki. Direct flights will be much more expensive, but fast and convenient.

For example, for a round-trip ticket from Moscow, you will pay about $ 600. The flight is only 2 hours. Performs aeroflot. But if you suffer a little with transplants, then the cost will drop to a pleasant $200.

Interesting places and unusual excursions in Oslo

In Norway, you should admire the harsh nature and be inspired by the exploits of the Vikings. Museums you can visit Viking ship museum. This museum has three main exhibits. These are Viking ships, two of which have survived in their original form, and the third survived only partially. On one of these ships, a group of Norwegian students crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Thus proving that the Vikings could make long sea voyages. In addition to ships, the museum contains various household items of the ancient Vikings. A ticket to the museum costs about $13.

It will also be interesting to visit Kon-Tiki Museum. It is located on the Bygdøy peninsula. The museum contains exhibits related to the life and adventures of the famous traveler Thor Heyerdahl. The well-known Kon-Tiki raft occupies a central place among them.

Unusual excursions in Oslo

In addition to him, the museum contains all the other ships on which Heyerdahl made his travels. Navigational equipment and other items used in voyages. The attention of Russian tourists will definitely be attracted by a sculpture depicting a team of travelers, one of which is our Russian Yuri Senkevich.

The Bygdøy peninsula itself is a large museum complex. Some of the exhibits are in the building, but the most interesting is the ethnographic open-air museum Skansen. Here you can see wooden houses with roofs covered with grass and city buildings. Various household items and costumes that the inhabitants of Norway used in different historical eras. Vivid folklore performances often take place on the territory of the museum.

Norway GIFs

Directly from the peninsula you can go on a sea voyage along Oslo fjord. The tops of the mountains surrounding the fjord are covered with snow even in summer. The walk is different in that you can not only admire the mountains and waterfalls, but also see the fortified city Fredrikstad and other ancient buildings. To understand and feel the spirit of a modern city, it is better to choose the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It was created in the middle of the XNUMXth century and, in fact, is part of the huge Frogner Park.

Per se Frogner Park nothing special is different. He is handsome and well-groomed. Oslo residents like to spend their free time here. Despite the large number of tourists in the park is always quiet and calm. What attracts tourists here is numerous sculptures collected in one place. Which are located among fragrant rose bushes, along neat paths and alleys, on the bridge, literally in every corner.

photo Wolfgang Claussen

Made by a single author Gustav Vigeland, they are mostly unnamed. They are united by a common idea. Together, these sculptures symbolize the states that a person goes through and experiences from birth to death. The most grandiose creations are the central obelisk and the composition by the fountain.

Coming to Oslo with children, you can get a lot of positive emotions by visiting amusement parks. It could be Dureparkenwhich is open all year round. There are many attractions for children of all ages and for adults. The park has a zoo and a water park. You can book a room in the pirate village to be able to spend more time in this amazing place. It should be noted that some of the rides operate only in spring and summer.

Oslo is a perfect blend of modern and ancient culture. This is its special, unique beauty and attractiveness. Unusual excursions in Oslo:

Where to stay in Oslo? There won't be any problems, though. Hotels and housing is expensive.

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