The first bricks in the foundation of this Orthodox church were laid in 1873 year, but construction dragged on for a long 10 years. Holy Resurrection Church in Oshmyany became a replacement for the wooden predecessor temple, which still remembered the times of the Dominican monks.

Holy Resurrection Church in Oshmyany

Vaskrasenskaya church-muraўёўka Ashmyany
1941 year

Oshmyany Church was built in pseudo-Russian style, in the form of a cross, designed by architect Alexei Polozov. The temple is located in the historical center of the city, not far from Church of St. Michael the Archangel и former synagogue.

Church in Oshmyany

In 1964, the church was closed, and all property was looted. Like most religious buildings of that time, the Oshmyany temple began to be used as a warehouse. No one hoped for the opening of the church, there were even thoughts of giving the building to the local museum named after Frantishek Bogushevich.

ashmyany church

Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Oshmyany

However, in 1990, the Holy Resurrection Church was returned to believers, and after major repairs, services began to be held here again. You can see this city landmark on Sovetskaya street 108.

If you are in Oshmyany, I also recommend to see ruins of the Franciscan church and look at old catholic cemetery.

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