Old games of the 90s or where is my Pentium

I happened to watch a movie the other day Warcraft (Warcraft), which so strongly affected the memories of the hours spent playing this game, in the late 90s and early 2000s, that for the second day I have been actively thinking about “Why not download this Hit?“. That strange and mysterious era of windows 95\98, 15-inch monitors, MS DOS and horizontal system blocks (and there were such) involuntarily pushes to remember others old games.

old games

Redneck Rampage

В 1998 year on his overly powerful computer, with a clock frequency 166 MHz, managed to run Redneck Rampage first person shooter.

Redneck_Rampage_poshyk info

To play for "villager"- Redneka Leonid (!), whose nasty foreign invaders took away the titled sow (yes, the goal of the game is just to return the beloved oink). From the arsenal of the grandfather's crossbow with TNT checkers, a circular saw and even a blaster, which is a torn off hand of an alien along with a huge cannon.

Redneck_Rampage_poshyk info 2

Instead of first-aid kits - cheap booze, from which our hero gets pretty drunk and loses control, but gets extra health points. Partner - narrow-minded brother Bubba, whose face I repeatedly dreamed of in nightmares, and the enemies are the villagers, devils and the aliens themselves.

Legend of Kyrandia

The Legend of Kyrandia (Legend of Kyrandia) - a game that came out under genres Quest. In total, 3 parts of this amazing world appeared, partially interconnected. Each chapter had to play for different characters with their own characteristics and characters. For me personally, the character remained in my memory Zantii - alchemist sorceresses and beautiful blondes with a sense of humor.

The Legend of Kyrandia posthyk info

Games of this genre have always been designed for a long gameplay. Difficult puzzles, non-standard use of inventory and the ability to “die”, forgetting to save, made the passage a real test, and people who honestly went through the whole story without “Salyushens” and help could be counted on a finger.

The Legend of Kyrandia poshyk info 2

Dune II

How not to mention the legendary Dune II, which gave rise to real-time strategy games (RTS). There was the extraction of resources, the rapid construction of buildings, the creation of armies and battles “for development”.

Dune II

The game takes place on the planet Arrakis, rich in only one - a valuable substance Spice. The war unfolded between the three space dynasties Atreides, Ordosov or Harkonnen. The choice for whom to play and go through the company is always up to the player.

Dune II Poshyk info2


How can you remember old games and bypass the first Diablo (Diablo), released in 1996? This RPG from the legendary Blizzard Entertainment made a revolution in the gaming industry and attracted millions of fans to the side of the company.

diablo poshyk info

The special atmosphere of this game was addictive: creepy monsters, little light and endless decay haunted all locations. From the first frames of the settlement Tristram the understanding came that until all the tasks were completed, the computer would be turned on.

diablo poshyk info2

In the 1st part, there were three main character classes: Warrior, Mage and Rogue. And the main goal is to find and defeat real evil - Diablo (not forgetting to destroy all his minions).

Might and Magic 6

Another one of the games, or rather a whole cycle of series of games, the 90s, which left its mark - Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven 1998. This masterpiece combines a first-person shooter, an RPG, and even a quest with strategy elements.

The Mandate of Heaven poshyk info

Here you have to play four characters at once with different characteristics and classes. The locations of the game world are really striking in their scale, and the abundance of scary monsters crawling right into the screen will go off scale exponentially as the gameplay progresses.

Might and Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven

Not in the list Warcraft games, but there is a large separate material on it. What Old games have you played? If you liked the material we also recommend reading Top PC games that have become cult - Heroes 3


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