The history of the estate Odrovonzh starts in the village Vishnevo. The 19th century, at that time Khreptovichi were already actively operating on these lands. A large production base was built in Vishnevo itself. Manor House Odrovonzh or as some sources call it “Andrivonsh” – served as a hunting residence. Today, the manor is completely abandoned, the manor house resembles ruins, but the place still retains a special atmosphere.

The Odrovonzh estate is spread over 50 hectares on the right bank of the Olshanka River. The structure included the manor house itself, kennels, a park, a nursery and a number of outbuildings.

Approaching the former manor Khreptovichi, through a dense forest, you can see several buildings. Among them are an arched bridge and a gatehouse, the ruins of a mill and a canal.

There are three ways to get to the estate. Some roads are still available. Our journey was from the village of Vishnevo itself.


The eclectic manor was the dominant feature of the entire complex. 2-storey building with a wooden tower and an extension (not preserved).

As can be seen from the photographs, the state of the Khreptovichi estate is deplorable. The building is falling apart, the roof collapsed not so long ago. It is difficult to say whether there are those who want to restore this place.

History and Soviet period

The fact that the Odrovonzh estate was rich is also evidenced by the park. Planting material fell from abroad, and a guest gardener also worked. There was an artificial pond, its outlines can be found today. Stone paths led to the house.

Interestingly, even in 1979, rare plants and trees were still preserved here. The total number of which is about 70 copies, though in a rather wild form.

Khreptovichy's estate in Vishnevo suffered during the First World War. Here was the front line. As a reminder of those terrible times, several military monuments have been preserved. 3 pillboxes near the complex, as well as a memorial stone of the German headquarters near the estate itself.

Khreptovichi continued to own the estate until the Second World War, but they stopped living here. In 1988, the pioneer camp "Teremok" from the Minsk Motor Plant was opened here for a short time.

True, the Teremok camp did not exist for long. Management decided to move it to New Sverzhen, closer to Minsk. In the village of Vishnevo, it is worth seeing the old bosom и Church of Saints Cosmas and Demyan. Location of the abandoned estate on the map:


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