Novogrudok - a small city of regional significance in Belarus. It is located in the Grodno region and annually attracts many tourists. In this article I will talk about main sights of Novogrudok, interesting facts and other useful information.

Novogrudok tourist route

How to get to Novogrudok?

Of Minsk Novogrudok can be reached in 2 hours by car. On the M1 highway to the sign for Mir Castle. We move down to the P11 highway to the target we need. A bus departs from the capital every day, tickets from 10 rubles. Another option is a shuttle bus.

castle in Novogrudok

History of the city of Novogrudok

Novogrudok was founded at the end of the 10th century, and the first written mention refers to 1044 year. However, scientists still argue about the exact date of the founding of the city.

Old photo of Novogrudok
photo: early 20th century, source Globus Belarus

Archaeological excavations have been carried out in the city more than once. During which it was discovered that earlier settlements existed in this territory. Moreover, they may have established trade relations with Byzantium, the Middle East, and Western Europe. This is evidenced by many finds, which at that time were used in the states of the mentioned regions.

Zamkavaya mountain Novogrudok

At first, the future capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Novogrudok, was just a large settlement controlled by the Old Russian state. In those days, the name of the city was different - Novgorodok (derived from "new town").

tourist route Novogrudok castle

Since the 13th century, this city has been the capital Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In those days, Novogrudok was one of the main cultural centers of this state.

drawing by Napoleon Orda, mid 19th century
drawing by Napoleon Orda, mid 19th century

Novogrudok is located on a hill, which was the reason for the construction here Novogrudsky castles and fortresseswhose ruins have survived to this day.

Castle Hill in Novogrudok

The heyday of this city falls on the period of the 13-14th century. In 1253 in Novogrudok Mindaugas with his wife were crowned as the first king and queen of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was this period of history that made Novogrudok a popular tourist attraction in Belarus.

The main sights of Novogrudok

In addition to the castle, the city has 2 churches, 3 monasteries, a mosque, ordinary buildings from the 19th century, as well as ancient cemeteries. And also a museum, tombs, parks, cozy cafes and hotels. All this endows Novogrudok with tourism potential, which I really want to believe that it will only increase.

Castle ruins

Of course the main attraction is Novogrudsky the castle, or rather not the castle itself, but the ruins of 2 towers and the castle.

Novogrudok castle route

I wrote about the history of the castle in a separate article. This article is only about the place as an object for tourism. Although most of the castle was destroyed during numerous wars, it is these ruins that attract people.

Novogrudok castle

I advise you to look at the fortress from below. So you can feel the scope of these fortifications and make the best shots.

main sights of Novogrudok

After that, be sure to climb to the towers. From the former fortress walls a wonderful view opens up. Including one more attraction -Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

farny church

It is believed that one of the first churches on the territory of Belarus was built exactly on the spot Farny in Novogrudok. This happened even under Vitovt in 1395 year. Then, several centuries later, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord was erected on this foundation. This temple can be seen from the mountains Mindovga.

Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord

In this church, on February 12, 1799, they baptized Adam Mickiewicz - one of the most famous poets of Belarus and Poland.

Farny Church in the city of Novogrudok

The road to the church will also be interesting. Along the way, there are unusual wooden houses with interesting architecture. Plus, ancient history and rural life are harmoniously combined around.

What to see in Novogrudok?

Novogrudok life

House Museum of Adam Mickiewicz

Outdoors Lenina 1you can visit the museum of the poet. It is located in the same house where Adam grew up. Of course, the building was rebuilt several times, but the general appearance has been preserved. If you wish, book a tour, the cost is almost symbolic. The museum is open every day except Mondays. 9: 00 to 18: 00/

House Museum of Adam Mickiewicz in Novogrudok

By the way, in the park nearby, even installed monument to the author.

monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Novogrudok

Borisoglebskaya church

Another attraction of Novogrudok, which is worth a visit - Church of Saints Boris and Gleb.

Boris and Gleb Church in Novogrudok

This is a unique architectural monument with a mixture of different styles. Here and gothic, and baroque, and even pseudo-Russian style. In addition, the temple was built as a defensive one, which adds to its interest.

Church in Novogrudok Belarus

Another church

Literally around the corner, you can see another Orthodox church - Church of St. Nicholas.

churches of belarus tourist route

Initially, it was a Franciscan church, but it was rebuilt in the 19th century.

Nicholas Church in Novogrudok

Church at the Dominican monastery

In addition to the Franciscans and the Nazarene women, a Dominican mission operated in Novogrudok for quite a long time. They also had their own monastery, at which they built - Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel Novogrudok

Opposite this church is Lenin Square, it is here that the historical buildings of the city have been preserved. I advise you to take a walk and look around carefully. Each house is a monument of architecture.

What to see in Novogrudok

zarisovki novogrudok

In addition, in this part of the city there are several cafes, a new hotel and even a hostel. Going to Minskaya Street, pay attention to a one-story building with columns - this shopping arcade Novogrudok.

Shopping malls in Novogrudok

What else is worth seeing in Novogrudok?

Another place that attracts tourists is mountain Mindovga. Scientists even have suggestions that the first prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was buried here.

mountain and Mindovg monument in Novogrudok

It will be interesting to look into art gallery of Kastus Kachan. Open from Thursday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Art Gallery of Kastus Kachan

Preserved in Novogrudok wooden mosque. The attraction is located on Lenina Street 28, a little away from the center.

Mosque in Novogrudok

If you go towards the Novogrudok Agrarian College, you will see monument to Vladimir Vysotsky. Nearby is another unusual object - wind generator. I recommend walking to the local cemetery (just behind the college building). In addition to many ancient burials, there are several tombs. Most interesting - Chapel Zaborsky 1858.

Tomb of Zaborsky Novogrudok

Next door tomb of Sadovsky.

Tomb of Sadovsky Novogrudok

In the same cemetery, preserved memorial wall to german soldiers.

Memorial wall to German soldiers in Novogrudok

Finally, one more answer to the question “what to see in Novogrudok“. And this is a miniature park. Of course, it is inferior to the miniature museum in Minsk, but it is outdoors and free. Look on Mickiewicz Street, not far from the church.

Miniature park in Novogrudok

Novogrudok leaves pleasant emotions and positive impressions. The city is compact and neat. It clearly lacks service in the form of convenient places to eat and leisure, but for sure this will appear soon.

alley of sculptures Novogrudok

Incidentally, now many tourist routes for Belarus pass through Novogrudok. Therefore, if possible, try to expand your trip. For example, include in the list of places Vselyub и Lubcha Castle.

Where to stay in Novogrudok?

There are several hotels in the city, the best among which are - Hotel Grazhina. In addition to it, you can consider the Crocus Hotel.

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