December, Christmas and New Year's Eve, which means it's time to choose spruce! Which one to take is the eternal question. The only thing that has become much easier is that it is possible to order a Christmas tree with home delivery. Now it remains to decide: living spruceor artificial. In this article, we will consider the nuances, prices and advise where to order in Belarus.

What to choose from?

Common spruce is the most affordable option on the market. It is inexpensive, but you should buy it just before the holiday. It is these trees that are often sold at fairs and Christmas markets. This year we can expect the following prices:

Christmas trees and pines up to a meter will cost about 20 rubles. To 2 meters, the tree will cost 27-30 rubles. If you are looking for a giant, then get ready to pay an order 35-40 rubles.

Which spruce to choose: live or still artificial? Tips and prices

* Such trees are not able to withstand the warm atmosphere of your home, the needles will begin to crumble very quickly and the holiday may simply be ruined. It should also be said that ordinary spruce does not have too thick needles, you need to try to find a beautiful option.

Christmas trees and pines in pots (tub), such are often sold in hypermarkets and hardware stores, will cost significantly expensive. On average, prices can multiply by 1,5 regarding felled trees.

Buy spruce in a tub

* The tree can stand for quite a long time, and if desired, it will even be possible to try to transplant it into the ground.

Artificial spruce (pine)

artificial fir trees are in great demand in the modern market, people are becoming opponents of the use of living trees and prefer a more practical option.

An artificial Christmas tree has attractive shapes and colors, it does not crumble and can be reused for several years.

Among the shortcomings, it should be noted that the house is not filled with a pleasant festive smell, and there are also a huge number of dangerous and low-quality specimens on the market, so you should choose responsibly.

Average prices:

For example Christmas tree synthetic, size - 60 centimeters is 24 ruble (price on the website of the OMA store, according to the promotion).

Buy spruce with delivery Minsk

For example, here's an option artificial pine, 120 centimeters behind 48 rubles.

Buy artificial spruce with delivery Minsk

There are also tall beauties (180 cm), but the price is already higher - about 90 rubles.

Buy spruce with delivery Minsk

Tips on how to choose an artificial Christmas tree

  1. Stroke the spruce against the location of the needles, you can even make a little effort to pluck these needles. High-quality spruce withstands such tests, the needles sit firmly in their place and do not come off.

2. Smell the artificial spruce that was brought to your home. A quality product does not emit any odor, if you hear a distinct smell of plastic or other chemicals, then it is better to refuse to purchase this item.

3. Evaluate the appearance of the Christmas tree and its practicality. If you are already buying an artificial spruce, then you need to choose the most beautiful copy that exactly copies a living tree. You should also pay attention to the convenience of assembling and disassembling spruce, you have this work to do and it should not cause irritation.

4. Trite, but read the reviews. On large online shopping sites there are always enough of them.

5. Do not take the cheapest Christmas trees, a good option for several years cannot cost 10 rubles.

Live spruce with home delivery

A large number of people still prefer to use live spruce to decorate your home. This can be understood, because a living tree gives your home a special atmosphere, fills it with a pleasant coniferous smell. Decorating such a tree is a pleasure, you are saturated with a festive mood and thus get great pleasure. But the spruce must be chosen correctly so that it pleases you all the holiday season.


Blue spruce common in our market, it has fairly thick needles, the color of which can change from gray-green to silver-blue. A very beautiful tree that can stand for a long time in warm home conditions without much care. The cost of such a spruce is quite high, but it can make the holiday unforgettable.

Danish spruce It will be a worthy choice, it is not cheap at all, but it has a number of advantages. The color of fluffy needles is dark green, which gives a festive mood. The house is filled with an incredible coniferous smell, all branches are symmetrically arranged around the trunk and form an even crown.

This tree is able to stand in warm home conditions for 10 weeks, which is quite enough to end the celebrations, the needles do not crumble and do not create problems. Such trees are sold in the 21st century in different variations, prices bite, but the product is no matter how premium:

Buy live spruce with delivery Minsk


I hope you find the right option for spruce for the holiday. I also recommend checking out the collection. New Year and Christmas films.


  1. In our family, about 10 years ago, the New Year could not even be imagined without a real spruce. But after the holidays, I didn’t really like getting needles out of the carpet or bare feet. In general, I am for an artificial Christmas tree in the house. Just looking for a new one, thanks for the tip and promo code.

  2. I have never had a live Christmas tree in my house. Never even thought about it. The artificial one is much more convenient: put it in and put it away when you wanted, no garbage, the correct shape. Yes, and live Christmas trees that I saw with friends looked very sad and ugly.

    Now you can buy artificial Christmas trees, which are like real ones, and even better than real ones. I bought it once and my head does not hurt every year.
    The most important thing is to choose good quality.


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