Novoberezhnoye - this is a small part of the former Olesha farm, which was previously called simply - Berezhnoye. Today you can see here abandoned manor house of the late 19th century.

Manor Olesha

Olesha, the coat of arms of Brokhvich, owned these lands for about 400 years, until 1909 (Novoberezhnoye was owned until 1939). Each generation of this kind has done something important for these lands.


The estate, although abandoned, has been preserved almost in its original form. Its construction was carried out by one of the most famous representatives of Olesha - Caesar Antonyand then his son Konstantin finished his father's business 1890 year.

The Olesha Manor in the Stolin District

The manor house has a rectangular shape and features of neo-Gothic architecture, made of red brick. The building itself is two-storey with a hipped roof decorated with lucarnes. Also, a low multi-faceted turret with a hipped roof was attached to the estate.

Abandoned manor Olesha in the village of Novoberezhnoye

The facade is rather modestly decorated. Belts and simple cornices can be seen on the walls. The architect paid special attention to the windows. On the first floor, from the side of the park, window openings occupy almost the entire height from floor to ceiling. Thanks to the red brick, the building still looks very impressive.

Abandoned places in Belarus

If from the outside the Olesha estate looks more or less, then getting inside you realize the degree of its abandonment.

Abandoned house in the village of Berezhnoye

Abandoned building Belarus

Walking here is dangerous and obviously not worth it, besides, it is sad to see the historical heritage in this form.

Abandoned manor Olesha in the village of Novoberezhnoye

Abandoned house of Olesha

The last owner of this house was Konstantin Olesh (the son of Konstantin, who built the estate), who fled the war and the Soviet regime to Poland in 1941.

The Olesha Manor in the Stolin District

After the end of the Second World War, part of the buildings of the estate complex was demolished. The estate itself began to be used as housing for the workers of the distillery (which also belonged to the Oleshas).

abandoned old mansions
This is how the house looked in the late 80s, when people lived here

Over time, the building was no longer used and was simply abandoned to the will of nature and random visitors.

Abandoned house in the village of Novoberezhnoye

Surprisingly, the Olesha Park, which numbered more than 50 unique species of trees, was partially preserved. On the territory of the complex you can see several more outbuildings and an ice-house. The old distillery looks inhabited and even continues to produce alcoholic drinks.

It will not be difficult to find the former estate: from the P88 highway, take the H600 road (Zelenaya Street) and move to the alley of old trees.

The wooden church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa has been preserved in Berezhnoye, and along the way it is worth stopping by David-Haradok.


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