Route in Belarus number 7

For those who are already actively traveling in their native country and are ready to travel a little further Minsk - new route in Belarus. You will see several churches and churches, a unique estate, or rather even 3 estates, as well as a castle and a castle. The trip is designed for 1 day and both additions and exceptions of certain points are possible in it at your discretion. The article is purely advisory in nature. If you want to learn more about the sights from the list, then follow the links in the text.

Route in Belarus

1. Minsk - Lazduny

The first waypoint will be Lazduny village. Here it is Church of Saints Simeon and Tadeusz in neo-Romanesque style. More about the temple. From Minsk, the road will take about 1 hour 30 minutes (120 kilometers).

Church in the village of Lazduny

2. Lazduny - Trabs

After 25 kilometers, the next stop - agricultural town Traby. There are several interesting places here: Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary и Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Church in Traby

Church in the agricultural town of Traby

3. Traby - Zhemyslavl

К Zhemyslavl there is a dirt road, which seems to be planned to be asphalted. The distance is short, only 12 kilometers, but time drags along the potholes, and it takes quite a long time to go around. Umestovsky estate is one of the main attractions of this route. There is where to walk and what to see. In addition to the manor house, outbuildings, an ice house, and a distillery have been preserved.

Manor Umestovsky

Outbuilding of the estate Zhemyslavl

4. Zhemyslavl - Saturdays

From the village of Zhemyslavl we leave to the side village Subbotnikiwhere another one is waiting for you neo-Gothic church.

Subbotnik church photo

5. Subbotniks - Geranen

Next stop Geraneni village with a rich history. Here is preserved old Church of St. Nicholasand castle.

Church of Geraneni

Gashtold Castle

6. Geraneny - Dvorishche

After studying the heritage of the Gashtold family, we recommend heading towards Lida. Stop at a place along the way Courtyard, where they finish reconstructing the mill of the 19th century. In addition, you can see part of the former estates of the Puslovskysfrom which the tower has been preserved.

Dvorishche Lida district

Tower in the courtyard

7. Courtyard - Lida

Stop in the city of Lida and the middle of the route. The city has been known since the 14th century, and among the sights of the city, the central place is occupied by Lida Castle.

Lida castle photo

Literally within walking distance there are 2 more interesting places: Cathedral in Lida и Holy Cross Temple.

Church in Lida

Lida church

8. Lida - Tarnovo

Literally 15 kilometers from Lida there are several more interesting and noteworthy places. Agricultural town Tarnovo will meet the restored estate Mavrosov, and also possibly unusual windmill!

Windmill in Tarnowo

9. Tarnowo - Belogruda

On the other side Ditva river situated village of Belogrudawhere you can see Neo-Romanesque Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Belogruda church

Preserved here in the cemetery wooden chapelwhich is older than the church.

Chapel in Belogrud

This is where our route in Belarus ends. More sights of Belarus on the map.

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