One of the youngest cities in Belarus is Novolukoml, the official status of the city was assigned to it in 1970, and the whole history and functioning is directly related to the main object - Lukomlskaya GRES. There are no and never were any historical sights in Novolukoml, but there is a city beach on the island connected to the city cable-stayed bridge.

Novolukoml city in Belarus

The bridge is pedestrian and is a kind of point of attraction for local residents in good weather, especially fishermen. It was built later than the main part of Novolukoml, closer to the 80s.

Novolukoml bridge

From the beach you can see the power plant, where half of the electricity in the world is generated. Belarus.

Novolukomlskaya GRES

Below is the point with the location of the cable-stayed bridge on the map:

If you are in these parts, then I recommend going to Cherey to see ruins of the “White” church on the island.


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