In the village New Ryasna (Kamenetsky district) once there was an estate Matushevich-Grabovsky with a large estate and park. Most of the buildings of that manor complex have not been preserved, with the exception of the Grabovsky family tomb.

Tomb of the Grabowskis Novaya Ryasna

The Grabovskys bought the town of Novaya Ryasna in 1849 year. Under them, the renewal of the estate began: the old palace where the Matushevichs lived (by the way, founded by the Sapiehas) was rebuilt into a one-story estate. For their family tomb, they used a Protestant church built in the early 19th century. (Some sources indicate that this is Calvin collection)

Tomb of the Grabowskis and a former Protestant church

The architecture of the building belongs to the style of classicism. It is distinguished by a massive portico on 4 Doric columns. The temple is made without decorative elements, the only decoration is a small window in the middle of the pediment.

Novaya Ryasna Belarus

In Soviet times, the Grabovsky tomb was looted, and the building itself was slowly collapsing and could repeat its fate marian monastery (disassembled into bricks). However, the building was adapted for storage needs, which in a peculiar way preserved this attraction. Until 2014, the former Protestant church in the village of Novaya Ryasna resembled ruins, until restoration work was carried out.

Tomb of the Grabovskys and the former Protestant church Novaya Ryasna

Finding a place is easy: route P102, go to Socialist Street, the chapel will be right behind the store.

Nearby is the city of Vysokoe, where you can see ruins of Sapieha castle, the Pototsky estate and Trinity Church.


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