At a distance of just over 10 kilometers from Dzerzhinsk there is a village New Ruditsa. Here you can look at the lonely and abandoned chapel-tomb of the family Dybovskikh. Often the ruins on the hill are attributed to the village Borovoethan confuse travelers in Belarus.

The estimated date of construction of the tomb is 1825, but another date is often found - 1875. In the official register of monuments, the abstract end of the 19th century is also indicated. The Dybowskis were expelled from these lands immediately after the Polish uprising of 63-64, and their possessions were confiscated. This information also brings confusion to the history of the chapel.

New Ruditsa chapel Dybowski burial vault

old photo, source: Globe of Belarus

The Dybowski tomb is a small cylindrical rotunda temple. Made partly of brick interspersed with rubble stone. Neo-Gothic architectural style.

Inside the chapel there were two levels: at the bottom along the perimeter of the plinth there was a crypt, and opposite the entrance - the altar.

Today, only 18 inhabitants officially live in the village of Novaya Ruditsa. From that it is not surprising that no one really cares about the tomb of the Dybowskis. Despite this, the roof is striking, which is clearly made recently and protects the monument from rapid destruction.

The Dybowski burial vault in the village of Novaya Ruditsa

Near the tomb is a relatively fresh burial. This is the grave of the rector of the Ruditskaya church - Vladimir Eliseevich Kvyatkovsky.

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