One of the attractions of the agro-town Novodevyatkovichi is an old Catholic cemetery with two chapels-tombs. One was probably built for the family Slugs, and the second to representatives of the middle gentry - Collupailo.

Ancient chapel in the village of Novodevyatkovichi

Ruins in the village of Novodevyatkovichi

A more refined tomb belonged to Ludwig Kollupailo, was built in 1850 in the form of an octagonal prism, along the edges of which protrude half-columns of the Doric order.

chapel-tomb of Ludwig Kollupailo

Since 1846, Ludwig owned a small estate Old Devyatkovichi, which he acquired from the Puslovskys. It is rather curious that for some reason his family chapel was built on the lands of the Slugs, probably there was some kind of agreement between these landlords.

Novodevyatkovichi Belarus

On one of the walls of the chapel miraculously survived a memorial plaque with information in Polish (translation): Ludwig Kollupailo - August 25, 1803 - July 13, 1850.

Novodevyatkovichi chapel-tomb of Kollupailo

The ruins of the tomb in Novodevyatkovichi

Next door is the second chapel - this is the tomb of the Slugs. Visually, the building has 2 tiers: the lower one is made of rubble stone, the upper one is made of brick.

Novodevyatkovichi - ancient cemetery and ruins of tombs

Under the main part of the chapel there is a crypt, which may have survived, in which the sarcophagus with the body of Stanislav Slizny was located.

The grave of Stanislav Slizny in Novodevyatkovichi

In 1939, both chapels were looted, and the bodies of the dead were simply thrown out of the coffins. The vandals were guided by only one goal - to find gold and valuables.

Chapel tomb of Slugs in Novodevyatkovichi

This cemetery has not been buried since 1949, and one of the last graves with a slab in Russian belongs to Anna Bernatovich, the wife of the last manager Slug Manor.


There are enough old graves at the cemetery in Novodevyatkovichi, many of them can no longer make out the inscriptions and marks. The stone fence around the cemetery was systematically dismantled from the 50s for the construction of sheds and houses, today only fragments remain of it.


From Church of Saints Peter and Paul A dirt road leads to the ruins of the tombs, but it’s better to go around a little on the other side, below is the point with the cemetery mark on the map:

In these parts it will be interesting to see Church in Busiazh and of course go to Kossovo Palace.

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