Interesting facts about New York

A fairly young city, founded only at the beginning of the 17th century and received its first name as “New Amsterdam”, today is known, perhaps, to everyone, but how else? After all, hundreds, maybe thousands of films have been shot about this legendary metropolis, which glorified and created it the status of “awake” and the most touristic in the world. Today in the material - interesting facts about new york, a city of almost 10 million people - half of which are immigrants and visitors. The city with the most tolerant attitude towards religions and the largest ethnic areas.

1. Statue of Liberty - the most famous symbol not only New York, but all of America. Correct and full name "Freedom Enlightening the World". The actual height is 46 meters, but with a pedestal almost 2 times higher.

Perhaps everyone has heard that this monument was donated to the United States by the French, but the very first layout is still in Europe and has not left France, if you are not far from the Eiffel Tower - look into the Luxembourg Square.

2. The metro of the most touristic city is also fanned with many interesting facts. Built in New York world's largest subway, in which you can simply get lost if you are inattentive. The length of underground and overground tracks is 373 km, the number of stations is 472. In addition, the New York subway is one of the oldest in the world - it was opened in 1904. The metro operates around the clock. Night passengers often meet rats in the carriages. In addition to them, more than 12 thousand life forms have been recorded in the metro. I wonder if these stowaways are being fought?

3. Widely recognizable symbol of New York - yellow taxi. There are countless of them in the city, and for good reason. After all, driving your own car through the streets of New York is extremely unprofitable both in terms of costs and time. The first taxi company was New York Taxicab Company, then the cars were painted in green and red colors. Since 1907, taxis have been painted in the most conspicuous color - yellow. Initially, only wealthy people could afford a taxi, but over time, budget car models began to be produced for the transport service, which made it possible to reduce the fare. Among the New York taxi drivers, you can meet an Indian, a Mexican, an Uzbek, or a person from other 175 countries who work in the NYC public transport service. Taxi passenger traffic per day is about 600 thousand people.

4. The most famous and largest park in the US is Central Park. The most beautiful park is located in Manhattan and stretches in the middle of the island for 4 km in length and 0,8 km in width. New York Central Park recognized as the most visited in the world.

Central park in New York skating rink

If you look at it from a height, the spectacle is indeed breathtaking: the natural landscape with lakes is surrounded by skyscrapers. Central Park is also called the green lungs of Manhattan.

5. Even a casual passer-by New York can become an actor. More than 200 films are shot in the city a year, including scenes on the street where everyone can get into the frame as extras.

6. The number of cafes and restaurants in New York is myriad. There are more than 25 thousand of them here! Waiters work for a minimum wage - a few dollars per hour, and tips are considered their main income, which is usually left in the amount of 15-25% of the check, or at least $ 5. By the way, the portions in restaurants are large, and everything that does not fit in the stomach can be asked to wrap with you.

7. From movies about New York we know about brokers and stock exchanges. After all the largest stock exchange in the world NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is located right here, on Wall Street, 11. In addition, this exchange is one of the oldest, its opening took place back in 1972.

8. The homeless in New York are not spread rot, but on the contrary, they are trying to help them: they give shelter, feed hot food and give out blankets. Most of them live in Manhattan, where there are more passers-by with tight wallets. According to statistics, most homeless people do not try to get a job and get a house, apparently, they are quite happy with such a life.

9. Continuing the topic of housing. In New York, apartments are terribly expensive, so residents of the city mainly rent housing, while spending reaches 50-90% of income. The rental price varies depending on the area in which the apartment is rented. The most expensive area of ​​New York is Manhattan, followed by Brooklyn and Queens.

10. Spring and winter in New York come very unexpectedly and quickly. Several times during the winter, a cyclone from Canada brings snowfall to the city, covering everything with a white veil. If the snowdrifts are too big, Americans don’t go to work – small companies count this day as a vacation, while larger ones can allow workers to be given an extra day off.

In summer, the stone city is quite hot and humid, the residents are saved only by air conditioners.

11. New York is home to one of the elite Ivy League universities - Columbia University. It is located in the Manhattan area and teaches more than 27 thousand students. It costs $40 to get an education at such a university. I think everyone understands which parents' children mostly go to this university.

life in new york

12. Perhaps everyone is familiar with the Broadway musicals The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, which are still playing in New York. On the famous Broadway street there are many theaters and shows and musicals are constantly held. For performances staged on Broadway, you can get the prestigious Tony Award, which is equivalent to the Oscar in cinema.

13. New York - city ​​of skyscrapers. Empire State Building, World Trade Center, Chrysler Building, New York Times Building - these names have been around for many years. In 1890, New York became the first city to earn the title of tallest building in the world. Empire State Building, with a height of 381 meters, held the title of the tallest skyscraper for 40 years until the towers of the World Trade Center were built.

The city impresses not only with the height of skyscrapers, but also with their uniqueness. For example, in midtown Manhattan, you can see a 29-story building without a single window.

14. New York's population of ten million speaks 800 languages ​​and is considered the city with the greatest linguistic diversity in the world. Every 38th inhabitant USA lives here, and more than 35% of the city's population are visitors from other countries. Judging by these statistics, it will not be difficult to meet a fellow countryman on the streets of New York.

view of new york

15. From 1785 to 1790, New York was the capital of the United States. Now the city, although it does not bear the former title, is certainly the most attractive city in the United States.

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