An interesting animated series was released on Netflix in 2019 Love, Death & Robots. Viewers and critics liked this concept, so there was no question of extending the series for the next seasons. And just a few days ago, the official trailer was released “Love, death and robots” season 3. The premiere took place 20 May 2022 years and it came out right away 9 episodes. It is noteworthy that in one of the episodes, curious characters from the first season will return.

The second season was also released in May, but in 2021, there was one less episode. We met the sequel a little cooler, but with enthusiasm.

What was in the first part?

Seeing on the Internet the announcement of the release of the animated series “Love, death and robots' was not intrigued. It sounded normal and typical. But after watching the first series of this work (or masterpiece?) from Netflix was delighted. And it's not just about fantasy theme, high-quality animation and captivating stories. Here, rather, the ease of delivery is striking. Pretty sure you'll watch the first season in one gulp and ask for more (Season 14 releases May 2021, XNUMX).

The first season is 18 episodes, unrelated shorts. The animation style is different, from series to series you have to tune in to a new picture. Does it interfere? Absolutely not, rather the opposite. It adds its own charm to each individual story.

Animated series that are not boring for adults to watch

Each episode has its own team and director, with the exception of the script - he was responsible for almost all episodes Philip Gelatt. “Love, death and robots” – definitely for adults, a lot of content +18. By the way, check out our selection. TOP 25 cartoon series for too adults.

On the Netflix streaming channel series for users were submitted in random order. The reason is unknown, but there are a lot of theories on the Internet.

Love, Death & Robots from Netflix - Season 3

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Unkle Burkl
Unkle Burkl
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